Help to improve PVE build

Can someone help me to improve my current Rogue build for PVE? im on my second ascension LVL 93, Floor 200, Mythic 1

my build relies pretty heavily on spamming Storm, Meteor and blight on attack with Boomerang and Mirror image as actual skills

i usually pull around 1M - 1.5M damage on average and 2.5M - 3M critical, also i’ve never used crystals to improve my items so they might be all over the place

i want to improve my gear because sometimes im getting oneshotted, and i have to tap like crazy to kill mobs and since i have the monster spawn and EXP boost it’s literally costing me money lmao

Main Hand:
Eternal Phantasmal Image Of the Blessed
Lvl 81
Quality +50%
547K DPS
111k - 186k Damage
4.07 Attacks per second

Trickster (1)
+50% damage (mythstone)
+4 multi attack
+34% arcane damage %
+21% attack speed
+132% weapon DMG%

Off hand
Chromatic Reflection of the Blessed
LVL 100
Quality +12%
12.8k DPS
2.4k - 4k Damage
3 Attacks per second

Ascendent (2)
+5 all skills (mythstone)
+364% explosive
+10 intelligence
+17% Arcane DMG %
+9 Celerity

Eternal Pandemonium of the Elements
Lvl 81
Quality +50%
729 AR
Mutilate 16

Maelstrom (2)
+141% Blistering
+23% movement speed
+38% meteor proc
+40% Storm Proc
+22% immolate

Eternal Projection of Greed
Lvl 81
Quality +50%
729 AR
Mirage 16

Identity (1)
+50% total AR (mythstone)
+18 Intelligence
+50% storm proc
+25% reduced CD
+320 MP on hit

Eternal Havoc of Greed
Lvl 81
Quality +50%
729 AR
Deception 16

Maelstrom (2)
+143% blight
+25% move speed
+47% meteor proc
+40% storm proc
+21% toxic

Lvl 81
Quality +50%
729 AR

Plagued (1)
132% blight
35% storm proc
31% poison DMG %
+36% total HP
+21% toxic

my defense stats are
18k armor rating
37% dodge
1038 all ellements
1100 all resists
60% reduced damage
500 hp regen
500 mp regen

51 power
51 health
5 mana

Thank you so much for the help!

The theory about pve.

  1. Floor 500 M3 can bring you everything in the game. So floor 500 M3 is the end of pve. Any further climbing is just for fun.

2 . Don’t worry about survivals in pve. You will be killed by one shot anyway even with million hp and 99% demand reduction. Max your killing speed only.

I can see that you are a newbie, I’m not gonna give you too much info about the build. I’m sure you won’t able to understand all that.

My suggestion for now:

  1. Don’t waste too many stones or crystals.
  2. Add +2 all set to your ring and necklace
  3. Have sanctuary on your necklace
  4. Have crushing blow 30% by using obsidian
  5. Have crushing flames (6)
  6. Have fire element on both main and off hand

Don’t change any other affix for now. .
There are thousands of different builds with thousands affixes. But for reaching floor 500 M3, just do what I suggested. That’s the easy way. After that, you can start farming and will get better understanding of the game

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hi :slight_smile:

u actually need to get to be at at least floor 1k to be able to obtain any item. floor 500 is fine for farming crystals tho.

there are rly good guides here. try using the search bar for:
skaul’s tips
universal pve build
crystal crafting restrictions

to add to the previous post:
save your high level crystals, but use low level ones to improve your gear. the first crystal (in my opinion) that you gonna need tons of is topaz which u should save. below u can use to your hearts content. u need to get a feel for them anzway.

my advice:

u want nadroji ring or amulet. farm for that. once u got it, u want eternalized and crystallized sets. for a rogue, a pistol farming build should be pretty decent for the next couple of 100 floors. floor 500-1000 is also doable by quite a lot of builds that doesnt even use crushing blow, and can still farm.

i used my flat damage pistol farming build till around floor 800 where i started to craft a new, 2-char based farming gear (hireling deals dmg main for farming), which is kinda the endgame goal at least farming wise.

the reason in saying pistol is for the set affixes. u cant use bow (because no farming set is on bow. well maybe u could jasper one from another class but i actually think its impossible)
dagger costs kinda too much affixes to make work, and chakram has the mythstone-farming set which most people dont use since in late game you will have enough anyway.
if you want to use a weapon without farming affix u have to use tons of dust to craft eternalized or crystallized amulet/ring, which can only drop after floor 1k

your gear is pretty much customizable to your hearts content. i wont go too deep into the details here but heres a good tipp for beginner (even if it is little exploit…):
use your crystal, and if you dont like the outcome redownload the game. can only do every 3h.
i often test things for myself and i cant tell you how many crystals i would have wasted without this :smiley:

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your Toxic & Immolate affixes need to be switched to items that are Arcane Element (Orbit), because they won’t affect Arcane Weapons. or you could use Ruby and try to get Legend +30% Elemental Critical and not worry about changing any Items or weapons Element.

also, Elemental Damage, like that +31% Poison Damage on your Necklace, will only work with Poison Element Weapons.

Blistering & Blight (elemental crit. dmg.) work on an attacks Element directly, while Toxic & Immolate (Epic elemental crit.) only work on weapons of the same Element. with your Ascendant Set and Arcane Weapon, you can cause your Elemental Crits to cause Blistering for the Fire Attacks and Blight for your Poison Attacks, but because you don’t have Epic Orbit or Legend Elem. Crit, that’s not going to happen. if you have Celestial, that will not cause Blistering or Blight, as Celestial only increases the damage of Orbit.

you have way too many Storm Proc. 25% to 50% is good enough.

all characters have a 10% chance to critical hit and do +50% crit. damage. increasing both will increase both your chance for more damage and DPS (critical hit damage doesn’t show up on the stat page DPS).

Attack Speed doesn’t work with Boomerang (I tested that). you should use Cool Down instead.

also, if you are Ascending for Perks, you need a totally different build that has 6 Quest Myth Stones for +200% experience and just kill monsters around floor 100+ (enemy experience stops going up at floor 100).

if climbing floors, All Resist, Armor, and Health are basically useless on higher floors, and Dodge, Block, Sanctuary, mobility, crowd control (like stun or freeze) and Talents that cause enemies to miss you are better choices.

lastly, Eternal Items are stronger than Legend Items, but many Crystals don’t work on them, so you should only use Eternal Items that have affixes that are good for your total build. if you need to change a lot of affixes, then using Legend Items is better, as you can use all Crystals on them.

Welcome to DQ Forums @koneko !

Thanks! for the detailed answer! and to the other guys too!

y’all the best

First try to understand every usage of the crystal.
2. Lvl up your item and improve it’s quality
3. Make your set affix into (5) not just (2)
4. Don’t settle with an eternal items because some of them have a trash affix
5. You should know how to combine mythic affix by using mythstone your item first on a eternal pet before the items… (or just build your set on any items if you want to settle with a legendary pet)
7. Not all legend affix is available on that( red crystal below the obsidian I forgot the name) example: weapon damage %

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