Help with rouge dagger PvP build

Hey, I would like to ask for help with this build:

I tried going with Enigma vial instead of Vanish, but it felt like I was teleporting everywhere but not on my enemy so I couldn’t hit him with dagger.

I am still a noobie, so any help is very appreciated :smile:

replace momentum with Fauns Gift
45% CD reduc is useless on this build. Replace them with 2x 225% Luck cyrstal affix

replace 1 blistering and 5000 fire damage add add 2x blinkstrike proc

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and ur item talents…

I feel like item talents don’t matter that much in arena, because they are 5x weaker.

talent and luck give a boost at arena even how small its contribution and btw why you remove the 100%ED on cognition ring and replace it with blistering xD and what pet you are using?

There was a thread not long ago where ppl were saying that 100%ED is useless in arena, because +5000ED is a lot better:

But I will be replacing my ring and vial with ones that have +225% Luck, so i can replace this blistering with blink proc like @f00kee said.

I am using a Slime, but I think I will switch to Lilith since i need Faun’s gifts. All my other pets are a joke.

5000ED is > 100% ED in PVP
But not push the limit :laughing::laughing:
Atleast 1x50% push the limit on your build is enough :laughing::laughing: great booster of dmg :laughing::laughing:
replace momentum with some great set affix
If you use Fauce Gift i suggest to use this crystal Affix

3x225% Luck
1x75% total HP
1x750 All Resist

Trust me :laughing::laughing: not High Hp can give you that but its enough to stay alive within 30 sec​:laughing:

Thank you for help!

What is a good set according to you? And why exactly is momentum bad if it gives you 30% dmg boost in arena?

EDIT: also why does it not show who I replied to and sometimes it does show?

EDIT2: Congratulations Athena for being the Top 1! :slight_smile: I hope I will meet you there in the future.

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@kajfik000 thankyou :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Momentum is great boost dmg but in pvp you have limited slot to use u need to balance your item and affix

Hp ,dmg and reduce dmg taken unlike in pve you dont need high HP :laughing:

MOMENTUM you need 3-4x15%movespeed to achieve max cap of move speed, it means you wasted a 3 affix slot. instead of 3x movespeed you can replace it by 50% push the limit or 10000 HP for survival. Or 5000 armor .
3x movespeed = movespeed increase and dmg boost

50%ptL,10kHP,5k armor = dmg boost ,HP boost and dmg reduction increased

This is what im talking about
Sorry for my english :laughing::laughing::laughing: hope you understand

50% Push the Limit becomes 18% in Arena, so it boosts your dmg by 18%.
Momentum(3) without any move speed affixes boosts your dmg by 30% of total MS bonus, so if you don’t have any MS affixes your total MS bonus is 100% and Momentum boosts your dmg by 30% * 100% = 30%.
30% > 18% so Momentum affix is better than Push the Limit.
That is my reasoning why I use Momentum.

This is my opinion im a warrior user which means tank type not a rouge user

Since you are a rouge user a dmg type class. Just make a offence type rouge.

Use chakram beacause chakram have high chance to activate procs
And cosmicorb is a one of the proc which is 99% of player in top eternal used …

This is my opinion build for you :laughing:

Defiant- best dmg boost and dmg reduction boost
Faunce Gift with 3x225%Luck = gives you enough HP to survive and all resistance boost also
Cerebral Vortex - this is your counter attack set affix. Very usefull in pvp
Living Force = dmg boost to your cosmicorb amd chakram. ( if u use this just change your MH special to throw sword ) trust me this is a good combination :laughing:
PLauged - super HP Boost and armor boost also
(If u use this it doesnt mean you are going to poison type , suggest to use shock type because of stacking dmg)
Vampiric touch- Hp Boost Hp leech and bleed dmg.
( its up to you if you use this but not advisable because of negative effect that makes your HP Regen = 0 … ) but great boost HP this.
DeadlyArts- for reset cd(not very important) and for dmg reduction( important ) combine it with atleast 30% deadly strike

For crystal affix
3x225% Luck for Faunce Gift
1x30% Deadly strike for DeadlyArts
1x225% Crit dmg
1x750 All resist ( faunce gift amd cerebral vortex will increase this )

Legend affix
FROZEN IMMUNE(top eternal you dont need this because lot of players use shock) but its up to you
50% push the limit- great booster dmg( atleast one )

epic affix
You need
6-7x 5000 ED for great dmg boost
4-7x 10000HP for survival
5000 WD to your MH

For mythic
MH-cosmic orb (main dps in pvp)
OH-vanish ( survival and remove debuffs)
Chest-ruptured (dmg increased to bleeding enemy) use scalp for your OH special
HELM-Harmony but not advisable ( i have a experiment on this . And they work )
Ring- Fury( this is resource you will use. Trust me FuRY and harmony work good together but its up to you if you will use harmony
Sanctuary- survival hit :laughing:

Again it is my opinion only thankou :laughing: goodluck hope to see you in division 1 :laughing::laughing:

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@kajfik000 try to look at your stats page9
Movespeed caps is 50% how can you achieve 30% dmg boost of you havent move speed affix. ( dont count on your dexterity)

@Athena I think you beat the game right now and there. Giving out Top 1 Eternal Rogue build while maining a warrior? I have no words for it :slight_smile: Thank you, I will definitely try this but now I need to farm crystals and items for this, which is gonna take me some time, but I hope not much, because I am using the Flash Farmer + Miss Fortune build which I want to share with others on this forum in the next days :slight_smile:

As for the Momentum affix:

So according to this post I have [(100% + 0%) * (momentum set number) * 10%] bonus dmg, which is 30% bonus dmg for Arena, where momentum set number is 3.

See you in div 1 and once more time thank you :slight_smile:

@kajfik000 deadwrath is the OP rouge in eternal. I dont think what build they have but he has high dmg and high regeneration . A reason to hard to defeat them :laughing: i guest he use alchemy and harmony but not sure

He use fury+harmony,and put most pionts to mana to get high regen.I have a same type rogue,but weaker.Could you please defeat my rogue “mathilda” and post it?Let me konw how to improve she :grinning:

He use druidic bonus now,nice build but still easy to kill with high dps :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

congrats @kajfik000 on reaching #1 :tada::+1:t2::smiley:

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