Hi all


I was quit the game few months ago but i came back and i liked new updates for arena.
But i guess i forgot something and i need some help;

So now whats the BloodMagic formula and is that build so defensive? And the last one how can i enter floors higher than 200? (Y i’ll chance my build but i thought its nice for now.(And yes i’ll add +2 all sets on my ring.))


See that map scroll on your inventory, try to access one with a floor 200 and kill the cartographer, it will give you a map scroll to floor 201. Repeat the process for map 201 to get 202 then so on…


Keep killing on floors 200 plus to find better gear. Don’t worry about going too high because the rewards diminish. Read the forums :slight_smile:


I did and i’ll make a very nice CF build soon :blush:


If you’re pertaining to mythstone formula of Bloodmagic mythic it’s Hero+Gift+Clarity+Abyss. But you can also get a Bloodmagic set affix through amethyst, and yes they have same effect. Is it good for defense? I think not. Though it boosts your damage and increases your resource which is good for skills that consumes more mp (like meteor). In pve it is efficient to focus on damage and farming stats (luck, gold find, item drops, etc.) than to build up armor and hp. For defensive stats, it is better to use dodge and/or block.


I know i was asked about all build and now i catch my fault.And i was talking about bloodmagic incrase damage per % lost hp formula.


Blood Magic: +80% of missing HP% damage boost. so if your HP is at 80%, 80% of 20% (your missing HP%) is +16% damage. the problem is having enough healing to stay alive, but slow enough that you can get a damage bonus with lower HP.
I made a Hireling with Blood Magic, and had to tweak his healing a bit so the HP didn’t heal to max right away during battle, so I could get the damage boost. but he heals fast when battle is over so he is ready for the next fight.
a nice trick is to have Sanctuary, so if you die, you end up with 10% HP, with a 30 second wait until you can use Sanctuary again, but 80% of 90% (your missing HP%) is a +72% damage until you start healing again.

Maps Floor 200+: kill Cartographer on floor 200, it will drop a Map for floor 201. buy a map from the shop on floor 200, it will be a floor 200 map, but when you kill the Cartographer, it will drop a floor 201 map. if you have Challenge Maps from lower floors, you can convert them to higher floors, up to the highest floor you have gotten to, and then just start killing Cartographers. the number of floors you advance from converting maps is random, and it costs gold for each conversion.


Can anyone give me list of rollable affixes


@perseusdoge hope this helps. when you look at the LegendEx in the Codex, you will notice that some affixes will only go on some items, like Block can only be rolled on OH weapons, but can be found on some other Warrior Legend items as loot. some Set affixes can only be found on 1 or 2 Classes items, but can be rolled by any Class, or can only be rolled on 1 Classes items, or only found on an item as loot. Blood Magic Set can only be rolled with Amethyst. there are some affixes that aren’t used much by other players, so finding out about them is trial and error, but most of the affixes you can roll or not are in these 2 lists.


If i use twister what will be my mirror image’s twister dmg? %400 mh dmg or %100 oh dmg or %100 oh dmg+%400 mh dmg?


Mirror images’ damage will be 100% OH damage as stated in the skill definition.


If i use twister what will be my mirror image’s twister dmg? %400 mh dmg or %100 oh dmg or %100 oh dmg+%400 mh dmg?

Mirror images’ damage will be 100% OH damage as stated in the skill definition.

this is a good question and answer. I never really thought about this, but does that mean the Mirror Image does 100% OH damage with any Skill, or 100% OH damage adjusted by the Skill. I remember using MI with Chakrams, and never really thought about the damage being done, just that I was doing more damage with MI than without MI. Boomerang does 300% WD and Whirling Blades does 500% WD, so they are doing 100% OH WD when cast by the Mirror Image each, instead of 300% and 500% OH? I guess +100% or 200% WD would help out a lot if you are using Mirror Image.


I just using +5k wp dmg and i almost dealing same dmg with my mh skill i really confused cuz my mh has %200+50 and +10k wp dmg but numbers so much near.


I try not to worry about that too much. if the monsters are dying, I don’t really care where the damage is coming from. but for those builds that rely on 1 or 2 Skills to do all the damage, then that knowledge is important. if you have the Crystals for an experiment, put a WD%, WD+, ED%, & ED+ on one of your weapons, one at a time, write down the damage your Skill does, (Comet or Meteor if you are using a Staff, for example) on the Stat Page, with no other affixes on any other items. then see how the damage changes when you do combinations of those 4 affixes. just use Epic affixes, as those are the easiest and cheapest to get. if I remember the damage calculations, WD% is calculated first, then WD+, ED%, then ED+ last. if your Power Stat is low, your Damage+ affixes could give you better damage than the Damage% affixes, when you put more Points into Power, eventually the Damage% affixes start doing more damage than the Damage+ affixes.
example: if your Power is giving you 1,000 damage, a +100% WD would give another 1,000 damage for 2,000 total. if you had that 1,000 damage with the +5,000, that is 6,000 damage total. with both, 7,000 damage. if your Power was giving you 10,000 damage, with +100% WD, you are doing 20,000 damage, with +5,000 WD, only 15,000 damage, with both, 25,000 damage. when you add the ED damage, the +20% would use the 25,000 damage, so now 30,000. +5,000 ED would be 25,000 also, so at this point they are the same. if that damage was higher, then the 20% would be better. if lower, the +5,000 would be better. if you didn’t have WD % or +, the ED % and + would only work on the damage you get from the Power Stat, so with the 1,000 + 20% ED = 1,200 damage. 1,000 + 5,000 ED = 6,000 damage. WD % and + only works on the weapon it is placed on, but ED % and + works with both weapons, no matter which item or pet they are on.


The skill explicitly says “creates an illusion that attacks for 100% OH when you use your MH abilities”. I also tried to do tests but I can’t get a clear proof of 100% OH. Still it helps to spam more orbs (in my case using orb+reactor) but it would have been better if they would produce arcs too. :cry:


Guys also eternalized and crystalline sets can be effective when equipped on hireling?
And oh when should i start use thats i really bored :sweat_smile:


Eternalized and Crystalline can only be activated when equipped on main character. You can start using some of your legend maps whenever you feel like to if it starts to accumulate in your stash.


Well guys Are Nova & EC Chance same? So if i use nova mythic should i use EC Chance?


@Alkahest thanks.
@perseusdoge Nova has 30% chance to Proc. it can be increased by using Master MS (+10% proc, 20% cap) to get it to 50% Proc chance.
is EC Extra Attack Chance? it is 50% chance to get the extra attack for EAC +1. if you have +2 to +4, then it is another 50% chance after the previous EAC. so 50% to get the first one, which gives you a 50% chance for a second one, 50% chance for a third one, 50% chance for the fourth one. 50%, 25%, 12.5%, 6.25% chance. many players just use one +2 EAC, or just use Multi Attack, which is 100% for the extra attacks, but harder to get. these are only for your MH Primary Skill, and do 50% damage each. Discordance switches your Primary and Special Skills, so the Special becomes the Primary, and can use these, but the Primary becomes the Special, and can’t use them any more.


I was talking about elemental critical chance but ok i got it.
I have a build idea for Rouge:
All Natures “Elements”
SDS:Seven Deadly Sins
Current affixes
+2 Multi Attack
Crystal Weaken
+Wp DMG%
Crystal Dodge
Elemental Critical
Current SDS affixes with Crystal AS%.
Legend Fire DMG%
+2 all sets
Crystal Crit DMG
Crystal Crit Chance
+2 all sets
Fire DMG%
+Fire DMG

If remove Socket on WP and rool +2 Multi Attack and remove +2 Multi Attack on Armor anv put Zenith.We can reach max Deadly Strike with Deadeye.

What u thinking about it?
And other guy looking for help me.I added specially them for take them ideas.