Hi div 1 ;)


Hi all )
Thx for the games, this is a good experience for me )

It’s actually just my personal challenge. :confused:
Further, we will continue to learn the game, and adjust this build for the arena (if possible) xD
It really nice “mind” games )
Good luck to everyone !


It’s a great game


Wow! Congrats dude!:slight_smile::fist:


Thx )


congrats mate


Again in div 1.
Special thanks to the player @FairyTail (Makarov) , he helped me learn the new mechanics of this game (I don’t really like it, but there’s nothing to do: D), and he’s just cool player :dealwithitparrot: and companion/buddy I do not know how it is in English, but we have it: собеседник :joy: :joy:


Congrats . Im about division 7


Thanks, good luck, I guess you’re just not playing meta builds :slight_smile:


Welcome!:grinning: Keep it up!:blush::point_up_2:


Thanks, ma homie :joy: :joy:


meting you divation 1


Thank you for reply, good luck :heart_eyes: My AI is very stupid :joy:
I mеet you, too :raised_hand:


Good job my boy!:grin::point_up_2: Your build is good now!:grinning:


top 5 :raised_hand:


I briefly got to eternal 1v1 div 5 today. I am reluctant to tamper with my equipment but it’s gotta be done.


Good luck with that. To upgrade your build you should always, sometimes it can be that what is missing when you’re already in div 1-2, you will need to change your build depending on the situation.:slight_smile:


@dickwad I have gotten up to Eternal Division 5 a few times with a Farm/PVP Hybrid. eventually I plan to make a full PVP build that I hope can get to Division 1. but that is going to take a lot of work for sure, both crafting and fighting.


The main thing - that it was interesting to you, and bring pleasure


oh yes! I was greatly amused when I got into Eternal League with a Farm/Climbing Build. I changed a few affixes to have a better chance to move up. I think I can get into Division 4, but I would rather wait until I get a PVP build instead to make it easier.


The eternal league badge is respect. The division doesn’t matter. It’s just getting there