Hi div 1 ;)

I don’t know about that. I mean, when I first got into Eternal League, I was in Division 9, and I am sure it didn’t matter to get into Division 8, but I fought real hard, and got into Division 8, and I was sure it didn’t matter about getting into Division 7. but I fought even harder, and got into Division 7, then 6, and eventually 5. I am very sure Division 4 doesn’t matter either, but when my PVP Build is ready, my Toon will stand proudly in Division 4. I am very, very sure First Place in Eternal Division 1 doesn’t matter, so when I get there, I guess my Toon wont matter anymore. I guess if First Place doesn’t matter, I can stay there until the end of time, because it wont matter to anyone to knock me down out of First Place. :smirk_cat:

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Lol go rambo @Golem


https://youtu.be/4D2hacGwUuc awesome hp on opponent :fearful:

Not so much ) I was greeted by 1.1 m .
Generally it’s not that hard, just take 7 flat hp and, of course, plagued, VT, FG, BM, and also add more multipliers (%) :ok_hand:
By the way, with such a large amount of HP, you can have good damage :thinking:

P.s. The first time I see summon in the arena ) I Hope you will be able to make this build viable for div1, because the division lacks originality, you know. :+1:


I will need to make some tweaks :slight_smile:

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2 more to go, congratulations! :punch: :crossed_swords:

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Wow congratulations!

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Update :grin:

Thanks @Golem , @dickwad :raised_hand:


Ring the bells :wink:

nice. I feel inspired to get up there myself. soon. eventually. some day. hopefully.

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2v2 too :slight_smile:


Is there no eternal division 1 for 2v2 ?
And what kind of build are you using/ did you use ?

There is division 1 and 2 on eternal league 2vs2, you just need 1500+ mmr points to get there…they’re using same build as 1vs1.

Ty, but i meant what build did GRUVKA use :smiley:
And aren’t you a very good player too ?

No im not a good… im just a weakling crybaby​:cry::cry::cry:


Oh… But your rouge ai looks familiar to me…:confused::joy::laughing: