Highest ever crit ingame? (/w screenshots)

I would like to know the highest crit ever dealt to any kind of enemy. Im bored sh-less and i want a good challenge.

This one is way up there from Master @f00kee

Or Dr. @cronos4321

These crit damage numbers have to be the highest reached legitimately in game but it was easier to achieve in the past by poison.

But you can still get really high crit numbers like Trillions, Quadrillions, Quintillion and even Sextillion damage by frozen explosions. I managed to get close to sextillion from my frozen build called seasonal maiden but it was very hard to capture so I don’t have a video of it nor a screenshot. Also Hachimon managed to reach very high to quadrillion or more crit DMG.

That second screenshot from a post I’ve seen you could only imagine just how big the crit number would look like. That normal number filled over 40% of screen but crit number would be over 60% of the screen in billions of damage. That normal damage alone is over septillion but I think the crit would be like octillion or more.

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