Highest floor attained?

“Nadroji Set & Bonus can cause the Legend & Mythic monsters to spawn more often”

Does the statement mean that it spawns Legend and Mythic monsters without completing the feats Mr. Golem right?

that’s not the point, the more magic & rare monsters you kill to fulfill the feat, the faster you fulfill the feat for the appearance of a legend monster


no, like @ELYSEUM said.

you need to meet the requirements of the Feats to get the rewards.
the Accomplished Perk lowers those requirements by 25% rounded up.
Nadroji Bonus increases the chance +100% to get Magic or Rare monsters, or doubles the chances. getting more of these speeds up getting the higher Feats.
the Map Affixes +200% Magic, +500% Rare, and +5% Epic monsters (Epic is per individual, not %) also increase the number of these monsters, which speeds up the Feats.
the Map Affix Pack Size, means more monsters of Normal, Magic, and Rare monsters, so this speeds up the Monster Feats even more.

with all of these, you can get Legend & Mythic monsters more often, which is really good for Farm Builds.


250k m3

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my next floor goal is 3,000, so 250k is going to take me awhile. keep on climbing! :mountain:

I just reach and finished ACT3 at floor level 200… Is there anyone here can help me on how or where to get some Myth and Eternal items?. . . TIA

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Mythic Items require an Item with 4 Sockets and using a recipe of 4 Myth Stones to make a Mythic Item.

Eternal Items can be found by monster drops (better chances with high Luck and Eternalized Legend Items), a chance for Items bought in the Shop to be upgraded to Eternal (same better chances as monster drops), or collect Dust and buy the Eternal Item you want from the LegendEx in the Codex.

do you need help getting past floor 200?

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