Highest floor

I was just curious cause i haven’t seen anyone talk about how high of a floor they reached so now its wanting me to know. Also wanna know because i wanna know how crazy some are that pushed the limits and grinded hard to see how far of a floor they could reach. I would look at the leaderboards but the leaderboards is a joke and full of hackers so The leaderboards is useless

Some people to t crazy floors :roll_eyes: Mythic 3 1250 is my highest. I just checked

Currently on floor 1339 EP 8 (Mythic 3) with my fire barrage wizard, Makros. Currently ranked 198. :sunglasses:


You will not find anything on your floor which you cannot find on floor 1000. The monsters get harder. So I gave up.

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Welcome back @Koraxa ,:grinning:

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Thanks. It’s not specifically a climbing build or anything - I’m just a filthy casual - but I am still progressing and just want to see how far I can go.


I know once you get a high floor that all the weapons can be found but i was just curious how high of a floor someone was able to pull off. Stupid question though how can i know the max % of a affix can go?

I used to say my highest floor was mythic 3 1500 then I checked my stats. It was only mythic 3 1200 ish. 1500 sounds better lol !

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I am a little over 1300 M3, and there is a player around floor 15,000 that looks legit.


How in the world haha. If it is legit i didnt think it was possible to come even close to floor 15000 lol

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I am at floor 4120 M3.


Welcome back @Koraxa your profilepicture is a hercules. :blush::heart:


It so nice floorhike and good farming you haved.


Thanks, Mr_Hercules. Actually, my profile picture is a bust of Pericles.

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In regard to the original post, it would be nice to have the obvious hackers removed from the leaderboards. I am not a game developer or coder, but since the devs can look at accounts to see if they are arena cheats, wouldn’t the devs also be able to catch and purge leaderboard cheats?

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They need to go through the leaderboards like at least every month and get rid of the ones that are hacking cause right now the leaderboards is a waste of a feature if it never gets taken care of

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Dang haha. Are you showing any signs of slowing down? Like is it still easy to keep getting to a higher floor?

I think they clear out the Leader Boards whenever they do a new Battle Arena Season, at least, that is what they did last time.

Sieghart_S.E. is Rank 14 at floor 15.3k M3 as of today. him, and maybe the next few players up to floor 30k should be ok, but getting up into the millions or billions floors, that is kind of stretching things.

I mention Sieghart since he is has a good reputation, as far as I know, with the Mod’s & Dev’s. if I am wrong, I will Edit this post later.

I have done speed runs to the Cartographer while Climbing Floors, but haven’t really tested my Build to see how many floors I can do in a certain amount of time. there are some post by players who can clear a floor in 10 to 30 seconds, but how high a floor can you go before it starts taking longer to clear floors?

I am over floor 1300 M3 with a Crushing Flames & Ice Floor Climbing Build. working on a Farm Build at the moment, but will eventually go back to see how much further that Build can climb before I have to make a better Floor Climbing Build.

Slower down, sure, each floor take me a bit more to complete, basically i run a crushing flame build with a berserker bonus hireling, but my normal damage is like 150k damage, so i have to drop the mobs hp near the 150k hp to kill it. I spend like 30 sec killing an epic slaver, but when i confront a mythic mob, the time to kill it go to exponential, like 3 to 4 minutes and mythic mobs are more time consuming for me.

Thanks Brother :smile::+1: