Holiday vanity :D

Holiday vanity is awesome :smiley: honestly i was expecting of a santa thing hahaha

same. lol but still, its freaking awesome. Love that skin on wizard… Epic Hat~

Wizard old man really 2 close to santa haha,

Really cool, but, sadly, same design as assassin stuff.

yup. and the eyes lol.

its limited edition i guess… Christmas pattern. so probably can use for brag next year when new player saw that skin in pvp lol.

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Where should I find these? Nothing in messages, nothing in treasure chests (now as I haven’t been playing the arena, i have never received any chests, even though TDaniel told me a couple months ago that he was sending me some for helping them find an error)

I haven’t played for a few days and only updated my DQ today, no vanities yet. Guess I need to wait a bit more.


Cant wait for valentines skins hahaha hope they give some heart2 vanity hahaha like rogue bow type with a heart on the tip of the arrow haha

Cupid.? cant imagine nude rogue lol

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I was picturing it out on my mind bro and i was like laughing everytime i think of that hahahaha

Yes, Cupid, please. We need a skin suggestion thread, haha.


I received vanity shoulder but its look like no effect for me… I can’t show it.

Still haven’t received mine sadly. :confused:


the box not really a box. it sent to mail icon. not on winning chest box redeem thing. if u dont get it then i think the gift only sent to player who have atm only.

I did update a to a few hours ago, still nothing. Not sure if they’re finished giving away stuff or something. Gonna wait for it a bit more.


We’ll be sending them again every day so don’t worry if you didn’t get them yet. Make sure you’re up to date first :smile:

i guess it sent to player have atm. maybe earlier before u update the game, u open the games and internet sycn to your account and the mail not show up as it detect your version is not yet. anyway dont have to worry, as steiger said, he will sent it everyday (maybe for whole remain December)

My dq ver. is still i received the mail hows that? Naah haha

remain mystery~~ lol.