Holy crit!


Biggest CRIT That I EVER SEEN!!!
@GermanyPro :point_left::muscle::+1::heart_eyes:!!!


Cool. Someone is getting close… :dizzy_face: :muscle:


it was only half on what I’ve seen :slight_smile:


He this yo?u


Well :smiley: That is without any crit dmg, if i will add crit dmg it will be much higher :wink: And i need some good settings for my A.I if you sombody could help, i would be pleased about it :slight_smile: How did you beat my bot :wink: ?


You simply just run out of mana, 5 second later you regen enough for 1 barrage shoot, that is what got me, 1°lesson vs barrage builds, just wait and see if they run out of mana😊!


Well is the first big one on to my face tho😣, i have seen some nasty crits but almost all of them is whit some power buff on round’s, this one is strait up BOOM!


Ahh :smiley:
And hahahaha ^^
With some other modifications i could reach 1 mil maybe ^^ IDK.
I mean with barrage, with some other 2mil is really easy, but with barrage it’s a bit tricky :stuck_out_tongue:
But to be honnest @Cuzed spiked have halped be a bit with the build <3


And how did you become the mystic thing aound you summoner ? I have a epic one and i will become soom enternal , but how mystic ?


Is ascending mythic, is the 5 ascension befour the final one, eternal, 1° is blue, 2° is yellow, 3° is orange, 4° is red, 5° is purple and last one is green😉!


Yep! I was also wanting to build something that could reach this dmg and we had fun coming up with ways to try and best reach that goal :slight_smile: :thumbsup: .


return of the OHKO! .


Yes we do <3
Hopefully we reach the 1 mil dmg


ahh… okay, the purple ones locks soo cool


Who remembers this?


I Hoped all old players who has created many builds in this forum will be back active they might have change something,Well I think it might have change something you know​:sweat_smile::joy:


That was a pretty nasty hit in the first round :face_with_thermometer:


Great. Now get that on a player in Eternal Div 1. :+1:


I’m not even in Enternal League division 1 Haha :joy: Give me some tipps god :money_mouth_face: I’m div 3 atm


On a real player it’s about 900k