Holy crit!


that damage reduction at work again.


Looks like we have our first quasi Olympian Build since I showed the possibility a few months ago. Congratulations on what you created @GermanyPro.


I was thinking the same thing when I saw that over 1.01M damage. things are heating up in the Arena.


Ty very much @Mr_Scooty :kissing_cat:
I’m very pleased about that :japanese_ogre:
But still somethink is missing i think :scream_cat:




Bruh xD
That picture makes me happy :smiley:
Can i send you my build and you say what i can do better ?
Or do you want to keep it in secret :’(




MEN!!, you are always in point!
My react to the hit was like, Mmmm…, is possible??, them i realise that you are is master and i just look at dmg and sayd "OK, next round please":joy::joy::joy:!!!


I try to be Meme ready at all times. :joy:

I am not his Senpai. My prior damage in the Olympian Build can easily double based on other tests I have conducted, so Germany Pro can exceed my prior figure. It is good to finally see one of those builds and it caught you off guard. You were just minding your own business headed to kill another wizard when below happened.


Double O_o ? Wow… Without he shock debuff i have absolutly no ideas how to incrase my dmg. Im stucked in 1,34mil , with sanctuary … I dont want to remove it because without it it is hard to win a game… But 1,5 mil is possible with my ideas but then … then it goes beyond my understanding :sleeping:


Yes. I was surprised as well. I had accidentally converted one of my Olympian gears and decided to throw on a gear I had in my stash for a quick test. I was ticked about converting until I noticed the difference.


Can I ask where you come from ? I think from usa or something because you can speak so well english and you are using words i don’t even know xD I have to goggle every time when i read a commet from you , wow , not bad xd And for the accident … Nice to hear you little lucker :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: If you said you noticed the difference,how much was it ? And at your screenshot there was a 877k hit and TWO 1,23mil hits, i’m wondering why there are 2 hits with the same dmg … It could be just a coincidence but idk :zombie:‍♂️


Ist meine Herkunft wichtig?

The match I posted with 877K, 1.23M and 1.23M was the same match. You can look at the top and see same player except Round 1, 2 and 3. The accident I found was after I posted that damage.


Nein, ist sie nicht :shushing_face: I just asked myself :wink: But I know that that hits were in the same game :slight_smile: It is just strange that 2 times the dmg was the same … Strange… Strange … I also have known that the “accident” happened after the screenshots, but how much dmg is your best with 1 hit :wink:


One of my friend can also do that damage. 1 million damage on round 1 :smiley:


To be honnost to build that build is very easy, you just have to use every affix effezient and know what you need to use <3


the reaction of those 3 cops to what they are seeing on the monitor. wish there was some audio. :laughing: x 100.


Is it possible to learn this power. NOT FROM A JEDI

Also thank you GermanyPro and Mr Scooty for encouraging me to think out of the box and think of many possibilities. Now my build ideas coming back and more to create after playing again for some time. Just do it as shia labeouv would say. Want to be godo, just do it.


Im weak dude

Look at this 1k power rogue + 2k power wizard vs 600 power warrior :joy:


Real barrage hahaha