Holy crit!


but i don’t think that you have a OHKo barrage, you have a normal barrage build or ?


Ordinary barrage. Haha until now i dont know how one hit delete works . only idol scooty can know how it works .



you barrage build deal so much dmg wow, not bad


And now you know how it works :smiley: ?


I dont know im weak sorry dude please teach me


What about 1v1 using your barrage😅


Here .now i dont know how my ai works haha i just left him by himself when i reach 1000 wins :joy:


Heres ur barag? and storm rogs? haaha :heart_eyes: i only use my warior to kill both of your toons :joy: hello AU community :joy:


Takes 4 seconds


So powerful hahaha :joy::joy: im crying


managing your powerful build with my updated warrior :joy: 2v1


Those were past screenshots.
Try getting a new one.:sweat_smile:


:heart_eyes: its ok im not interested now to capture ur ai :joy: its nothing . and im not playing now on arena


But someone told me that your barrage came originally from my friend seth…:sweat_smile:


Nope :slight_smile: i just copy the amulet. Everything is different :joy: and i dont know where he is now. But i can manage to counter his 2500 power in 1 shot



Ok ok😂


@Mr_Scooty Can I have a request? Please put your Blackmagic AI on the arena. Your ai Aswang is too soft. I’m a fan of your teleport Immortal wiz. Thanks.

Btw. I made a new account so it may take me weeks of grinding and farming before I could get to your ai.


@Jonees I can accommodate your request. I have tested my Aswang AI but it does not behave the same as I require.