Holy crit!


@Mr_Scooty Thanks a lot. Now I’m inspired to grind for my build. Gimme atleast a month to get to the top and get a face off with your AI.


Deal. I was concerned my Aswang AI was just walking around. My Aswang has grown old and lazy… he’s nothing like my Kraken warrior.


@Mr_Scooty Just tell me once you’ve placed you kraken warrior in the arena. Wooohooo finally, a worthy opponent.


You need a Titan to fight a Kraken… or a demigod


You can also tamed a kracken by using conquerors haki​:joy::joy::joy:


One Piece fan spotted…


I’m using the God Killer build.




You can just use @Mr_Scooty Olympian build, because hmm…
I personally think :wink: That not many people would be able to stay alive after a milion deadly hit :stuck_out_tongue: ^^


I’ve not finished making builds by a long shot :slight_smile:


i totally agree his Olympian build is op and i would like to copy it but i still got a way to go need to start grinding more crystals :thinking: