How accurate is this dps comparison?

How would the sword that, at least at first glance, has literally every stat bonus higher and better, lower the dps by over 40%? This just seems surreal, why is this so?

And since i’m asking this what about this comparison? It’s the exact same stat types just higher rolls on literally all of them, yet the increase is 0% dmg and only 0,5% defense? How?

The game’s DPS calculation is bonked. Check your stats page.

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Didn’t know that was the case, thanks for the tip (:

Right now it’s comparing your primary skill before vs after, and you’re only increasing the weapon damage of your offhand, which is why you’re seeing 0 DPS increase in this scenario.

The DPS calculation, however, does need to be quite a bit smarter!


This makes a lot of sense, I’ll make sure to check the stats page from now on

Dont forget to check also the quality, nature and element of any item before doing comparison . :parrotbeer:

I have a much weirder comparison case : all stats strictly superior, same exact affixes (but in different order, is it what matters here?), same quality, higher level, -3,6% damage shown in inventory tooltip and also lower dps in the stats for every skill when equiping the higher stats armor.

I can only post 1 picture as I am new so here is the higher lvl armor (it was originally 2% quality but I bumped it to 3% like the lower lvl armor and it still gives lower dps for all stats, only armor itself improved).

The other armor has also 3% quality, 587.1 AR, 19 Mutilate, 47.5 cold resist, 19.5 coat proc, +5 Dex, 65.9 crit damage, 12.8 crit chance, 9.4 deadly strike.

Wonder if somehow having a higher coat weapon proc % could reduce my dps? Or is it the affix order, having crit dmg first and crit chance second on the lower lvl armor?

Nature .

Oh just finally figured out what nature is, thanks to this :).
Thought Henpaio of Greed was a generic item name, never realized it could be ‘of something else’ (despite seeing all the nature names in diictionnary^^).