How did you find Dungeon Quest? Opinions wanted!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to see if I could get a few opinions from our users on how you all found Dungeon Quest and started playing. We are trying to build our player base and since this community is made up of our most loyal (and hardcore) users I wanted to get your opinion on how we could find more users like you!

We have not done any marketing for Dungeon Quest yet and with patch 1.7.0 coming soon we want to make sure we can expose Dungeon Quest to as many players as possible.

Can anyone provide any feedback or thoughts on places we should advertise Dungeon Quest? Are there any websites we should approach about reviewing our game or advertising with them?

Are there any ad services that you all HATE and think would be a waste of our time?

Any feedback you all can provide would be very much appreciated. Our goal is to get as MANY users as possible to play Dungeon Quest, we have a few features coming soon that will benefit from a larger user base and we want to make sure we do our best to get new users introduced to the game.

Thanks very much for your time and for being a fantastic user community!


These are my steps and FYI, I still remember the exact steps I used when finding this awesome game.

  • Open Playstore
  • Action RPG
  • Scroll Down a lil bit
  • Found this awesome game

After playing aimlessly and suggesting unpurposively to my hack n slash lover friends, I took a break for about 3 months playing (waiting for rogue, and changing cusrom frequently). after a pet patch, I decided to give my full device screentime for this game (80% screen time).

  • AFAIK, dungeon quest has been reviewed by many game review sites, and has a good reputation for dungeon crawling, hack and slash, and action rpg type of game.

  • I wanna underline the ‘action RPG’ thingy, TBH, our lovely game lacks of background story (really, storyless RPG?) , and background music if I must say.

  • People got bored easily after beating first Ignis (based on people I suggested to play DQ)

Ads Suggestions:

  • I think proposing several game review sites to give their reviews is the best way to promote our game. annoying pop ups from google ads is somehow annoying and ignored by user, including me.
  • what about youtubers? PewDiePie? or the others? I’m a bro army btw. (I will leave a like and comment to any official DQ review)
    Brofist! [emoji109]
  • I think that’s all from me.

u guys rock! and keep rocking!!!

I wish we could be the best ARPG on mobile phone and have millions of people playing it like Doodle Jump, Angry Bird, Temple Run, CoC, oh c’mon guys, those games aren’t even as good as DQ.
And I’d love to be a part of it. and someday, when people say, “hey look, I got an Iceburn set, it’s so damn good set”, I’ll just sit there smiling and whispering to myself, “THAT’S MY FCKN SET!!!”

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Im seaching for offline rpg and

I found this on forum and i download it

For me I searched “RPG” on google play, and downloaded the first 20 or so, set off for work which has no WiFi, and sat down to go through the new downloads, the ones that needed WiFi got uninstalled straight away ( roughly 80% ). Kept the games that played offline, took tablet back home at end of day and did the same thing, downloaded another 20 and tried them out at work, uninstalling all the ones that needed to be online.
Once I had a tablet full of games playable offline, I gave each game an hours worth of play time, again uninstalling the ones that I did not like, or the ones which were not in English.
DQ instantly ticked all the right boxes for me, so much so, that I did not bother to play test the remainder of the other games!

I would like to echo what ichsanization said, annoying pop ups, really do turn me off, I would actively avoid a game, that tries to force itself on me, I don’t care if its the greatest game in the world, once its tried aggressively to be seen via a pop up, its on my shitlist. I will search for games, and read reviews, but at the time I want to do it, I don’t want the hassle of an intrusive pop up.
Also on the same line as pop ups, I really do detest, games that force you to download and play other games by the same team, in order to progress in the first game. If I want to check out other games released by the same team, I will search for them in my own time, and not be dictated to do so.

Adverising that works best on me, is word of mouth or recommendations from friends or guild members in other games. Social media like FB sparks my interest, giving me the urge to read up on and research what I have just seen. Perhaps I’m the wrong person to comment on advertising as I’m in the wrong age group, I tend to stick to well established social media, that has been around for some time, the younger generation seem to be raving about a new site or app every other day, and to be honest, I simply cannot be bothered to go through the mind numbing registration B/S, for yet another site/app that probably has a shelf life of a couple of days until the next pop culture app springs up, and becomes flavour of the month, but saying that, they probably would be the best way to attract a larger player base. (Back in my day, all we had was BBS’s, and then AOL, MSN and Yahoo messengers became the upgrade, not forgetting the innovative ICQ) :wink:

Again to echo ichsanization, youtube is great, especially any of the online reviewers with large follower numbers, get some of them to check out DQ, or utilise things like TwitchTV, but break the cookie cutter " hey, watch me play this game " mould, you guys are actually producing a game, so incorporate that into the channel, have some footage of the artist doing his stuff, or you guys chilling in the office playing mortal kombat, or every now and then give the viewers a sneek preview of an upcoming patch or some future content.

Great, Thank you very much for sharing with us!! I already got a few new keywords to add to the DQ store description :smile:

I, too, found this on Google play. I probably searched for RPGs, and sorted through all the games I’ve already purchased and uninstalled, or others I just got bored and fed up with. DQ has been great, and promises to keep getting better.

I’d suggest putting Diablo as a keyword for the play store. Many Blizzard games were trailblazers, and IMO, being a diablo-clone isn’t a bad thing. Unless you are dungeon siege… Just sayin

im a constant google play surfer. every now and then im searchng for good games on the store. and just like what the others say im into mostly on offline games. and i saw this title dungeon quest so i gave it a try and boom!! instantly got hooked.
so upon playing the game i recommended it to my colleagues, and i think all of us who understand and love the game will advertise our game with the word of mouth. they love the game,yes, but some say it lacks story but i said its a hack n slash game. u can play the game w/o the story.
ahh, youtube is a good way too advertise too, why? i showed a video of centra’s gameplay with my colleagues who’s getting bored with their rouges (well me i dont get bored) and instantly pumping interest again with the game.
well thats all for now…
keep rocking guys… ill support all the way…:ugeek:

I was looking for an offline ARPG everywhere but I can’t find it anywhere. One day when hanging around AndroidPolice, I see DQ pop-up at the end of the page so I decided to give it a try. After watching some gameplay video I know that this is what I’ve been searching for and I start playing ever since then [emoji13]

i found this game about 2 weeks after it was out…the google playstore favors this game greatly…you dont have too search that hard for it…but it really should be top of the free games list :smiley:

I’m a huge Diablo nerd too, but after they got rid of the real money auction house… that kinda did it in for me… was browsing Amazon games one day and stumbled across dan… love it!

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I found DQ from my friend his character name is Kulangot… we also encourage our 2 friends to play namely Phetik and Pektuz… We got hooked up so we had a race trip to :laughing:

I even search other offline RPG in Google Play Store but unlucky to find others like DQ… for me it’s the best offline RPG game ever and forever it will rock… :smiley:

Guess most players here (myself included) found DQ while looking for an offline RPG game. :smiley:

I’ve already played some RPG’s for android but because some of them require IAP to progress or become stronger in-game or internet access to play the game, I looked for another game that I can play without hassle. :smiley: Did some searching on Google, looking for a list of best offline RPG, DQ came up on most of the list, read some review, download and install, and that’s it, got hooked and been playing ever since.

Randomly searching google play while bored. I think I was searching for “rpg” “dungeon” and/or “offline” at the time.

As others have said, Diablo was one of the games I was looking for a clone of. So “diablo” or “diablo-like” might be good keywords.

An advanced advertising strategy might be with SyFy tv channel. A short ad during some of the shows like “Marvle: Agents of Shield” would definitely hit you target audience. Of course, this could be very expensive.

For websites, I would suggest searching for “Diablo” or “Diablo 2” and then seeing about placing ads on the sites with the most hits. People looking for Diablo 2 after the disappointment of Diablo 3 will love DQ :sunglasses:

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I also used play store. However I didn’t use diablo. I think I just used dungeon crawler. I also was looking for offline. I play at work mostly (I’m a guard & goof off between rounds) & no WiFi.
The things I have learned about certain games is having to spend real money to get anywhere. Or having to buy special armor or equipment. Or having to buy storage. Or intrusive ads while playing. Another is games that stay on line using your data even when u quit or reactivate themselves after you force shut them down. So happy I found this game.
Adding to comment about graphics. They may be simpler then other games out there but this is more stable. I’ve however had to turn off damage numbers to decrease the heat my phone was generating. Had few crashes back then. But not one since.
Love the game. I also like the fact the devs actually care. And even want our opinions.

I have added “offline” and “crawl” to our keywords. Thanks for the input!! Once I get our final keyword list together I will share with the group.

OK, so I’m a day late and a dollar short!

Like many others, I found DQ on Google Market (as it was called at the time) by doing a search for RPG.

Initially, after playing briefly, I gave it a bad review because the price for bags and or stashes were figured incorrectly and would have cost about $200 to purchase via IAP (the decimal point was shifted one place to the right - type-o). I went round and round with one of you guys, then gave up and moved on. This was a couple years ago (I think).

Every so often, I check my old reviews to make sure I’m not giving someone a review they don’t deserve because they may have made corrections or other improvements. That was the case with DQ. An explanation was given and an apology made in the developer’s comments, so I reinstalled the game, verified the corrections, then immediately invested. I’ve been playing ever since.

As far as increasing your customer base, I agree with having the game reviewed by as many people as possible and keeping up the good work. Also keeping existing users happy helps because recommendations and word of mouth should not be undervalued.

The last thing I can say would be to be careful about changes! Right now DQ has a just-one-more-level-before-I-quit quality to it. There is no magic formula for that and its balance is delicate. Keep IAP down and game play addictive.

Hahaha I remember that email string :smile:. Thanks for coming back and for the feedback

LOL, me too.

Since, I’ve of course changed my review to 5 stars and spent $ to help support your efforts.

[emoji23] thanks very much for the support!!