How does this look since i got my new bow

Nice . But somethings missing. Something that much more powerful. Put +2 set on amulet and ring


I cant remove anything to add sockets except for oh

For more damage u need +2 set at ring and amulet… just change ur proc affix like taunt proc/storm and torrent…


with two +2 all sets, your Sets (1) will all be Sets (5) and the Sets (2) will all be Sets (6). what you lose from dropping those 2 procs you more than make up with boosted Set affixes. a whole lot more. your damage will go up so much, you will cry tears of joy.
for example: Plagued goes from +25% AR and HP to +125%, and Poison DoT damage goes up from +25% for each enemy poisoned to +125% for each enemy poisoned!!!
Mealstrom goes from increasing your procs damge +15% to +45%!!!

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How do i remove the affixes since they are legendary

Or cahnge them

Kyanite, is a very comon stone!

Didnt think it wpuld change a leg affix

You cant change legendary, what you can do is remove the legend affix whid kyanite and use ruby to chose a new one!

Ok got it so just rinse and repeat until i get it. Ty all

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You can not get some legend affix via ruby, like shock dmg(100%)max, weapon dmg(200%)max,all regen(1000)max, these are some, exists some more…

@Short make sure you do a search on Legend affixes. there is a list of Legend affixes that can’t be rolled, somewhere. that way you know which items to find to get the affix you want, and which ones you can get using Ruby.


From what im reading unless it hasnt been updated i cant roll the +2 sets

Correct, you cant roll that, our you get Elixir Mythstone our you get from nadroji set our haunting set(rouge), for my the best choice for amulet is haunting because i have 100% element dmg/shock/fire…
that is my opinion, for PvP tho, for PvE clearly Electrocution amulet is my strong choice, if you have eagle eye’s like me, you will notice that nadroji amulet is 2x more expensive (dust) to unlock than haunting amulet, 1175 dust is not dificult to get if you put your efforts in to it, if you cant drop nadroji amulet off cource, anyway good luck you your farming days😉!


Ok im new and seeing that a rogue has mage spells blows my mind how do i do that?

Using amber

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Amber stone

Oh and how do i get that, right now im getting to map 100 should i do challenge maps or only normals? Also whats the best class or in what do they stand out the most?

Is floor 500+ is the best for farm those tipe of stones, get 200 M3 and go for 500 on easy mode!