How does this look since i got my new bow


@Marcosbankings well, there are some Sets that change your Skills to another classes Skills on the MH, which is the only way to get another classes Primary Skill on the MH. Amber can be Farmed by getting loot. like @ZOMBOY said, every 100 floors up to 500, it gets easier to farm for the higher/rarer Crystals. also, you can convert Legend items for Rare Crystals (cost 245,000 gold), with a small chance for Ultra rare ones. or convert Crystal Legend or Eternal items for Ultra Rare Crystals (cost 500,000 gold). items lower tier than Legend items only give a chance for Crystals at cost of gold. Normal is lowest gold cost, but lowest chance. Epic is higher chance and more gold. I think Amber is a Rare Crystal.
challenge maps are better than regular maps, because better loot, but at the cost of fighting monsters that are boosted in some way or your Toons are cursed, or both. (read map affix-dictionary-Codex, for more info on this). Legend Challenge maps just boost all the loot you get, and Eternal Challenge maps double the loot boosts. there is a monster affix/Talent that doubles any loot that that monster drops, and there is a map affix that boosts the number of affixes/Talents monsters have. that is in the Codex dictionary too. reading these descriptions in the Codex will help you understand the maps and monsters better. you can use Larimar to change the affixes on the maps, if you don’t want a certain affix, or are looking for certain affixes, and Diamond can be used to change the affix values if you want a value to be higher or lower.


Thanks for the reply another question is that why is my mage min dmg my rouges max lol why mages dmg scale way higher than rogues? Is mage the way to go?


Wizard is the best to start playing DQ in my opinion, is very easy, safe and deal’s DMG that you dont even learn the right name of the number that you see!


Lil off subject but just got my first one.


That is alot of resistance affix😶!


Humm what are each class specialization bc mages seem to stand out the most with storm that spell seems op and how should i distribute my stat points? Also why are so many ppl talking about wars are they good? I tried all classes and mages seem op with storm


when I first started playing DQ, I used Rogue, but when I started playing with other classes, Wizard went to the top for me, and Warrior was a loser in my eyes. the thing about Wizard, just point and shoot, with lots of OP Skills that do lots of damage in AoE. plus Wizard has lots of Talents in Elementalist Talent Tree to boost Fire/Poison Elements DoT, Element Crit, and increase AoE of AoE Skills. Wizards are good at keeping distance and blasting targets, Warriors are good at getting in a targets face and being the last thing the target sees, and Rogues are good at causing lots of damage at a distance or up close. another thing is, as you level up your Characters, Talents, Skills, and Affixes get more powerful, so you end up with builds that can make any class awesome.
the cool thing with Storm, it lasts 5 seconds, attacking anything in it’s AoE for 600% MH damage every .25 seconds! it has a knock back effect, so it is knocking targets out of it’s AoE, but if you can freeze, taunt, or stun them, they stay in the AoE. and with the right Talents or Affixes, you can increase the range of Storms AoE to get more targets, and anything that rushes you ends up in the Storm. the only really down side to Storm is it doesn’t stack like a lot of other Skills do, and it doesn’t move from where it originally was cast. I don’t know if Storm Skill and Storm Proc stack, or if 1 overwrites the other.
I have been playing for awhile now, and I don’t think Warriors are a loser class anymore. getting beat up in the Arena a few times by Warriors has helped to change my mind. I have come to discover that I just need to make a Build with the different classes that fits my play style, and good times will come my way in DQ.


For my is like this…
Wizard - PvE
Warrior - PvP
Rogue - simply a partner for PvE and PvP 2x2!


For pve, wizard will surely get you to lvl 99 in no time. Warior lacks dmage at first and rouge is to squishy assuming you will be playing at mythic difficulty. For pvp, warrior and wizard are almost the same. You use both resources hp and mp. While on rogue you use pure damge to win the arena. Ive seen some hybrid rogue that blanaces hp and dmge in arena but they are just not effective as it is compared to full burst. The only rogue that ive seen with much success with blnce hp and dmge is @CuzegSpiked but you need an insane mechanix to use his build.


Warrior and wizard are almost the same??
Not my warrior tho!!!


Well not entirely the same but almost the same mechanics. I am talking about builds. U can apply the same concept/entirely similar with warrior and wizard. But if you will try the build concepts of warrior/wiz to rogues then youll surely need time to think before applying it to your charc. Almost all of the skills used in arena are both from war and wiz class. I dont know why but i feel like you can build pure wiz and pure war to reach div 1 top5 but on the other hand rogues cant do the same thing.


That is not entirely true, i know some sick rogue players, you know @Sachzna_Laparan, our @kuyaInSAN, iven @fudgenever10 ?? They make mirror image look better that any other skills in the game! Those are very :muscle: rogue players!! And @CuzegSpiked try to :joy::joy::joy: jk!!


@Sachzna_Laparan uses storm as main dps, @CuzegSpiked uses orb and scalp as main dps also. Kuyainsan was banned a long time ago. And i havent encountered @fudgenever10 charc. What im pointing is rogue’s innate skills are not that effective in arena. The closest pure rogue that i have seen reach the top is @deathGG. Wiz have barrage/storm and regens, war has bleed and can also modify wiz build concepts. Guided/pistol…meh, daggers/blink…50/50 and boomerangs…yikes. I wish that someone/somebody can create a pure rogue build that can reach the top 1 div1 eternal. I will be amazed if that happens.


one shot chakram build . well one shot but using 2 chakrams since theres no real cooldwn or few shots, just a delay after you used 2. Got this idea a while ago but revisited it after realising about Million dmg deadly strike. Then high aps reduces that delay. I already seen the potential of how deadly even chakram on its own can be , espeically had fun with PvE also.
Then I wanted to make Mirror Images great again. PvE, i already got a cool mirror image build though, just gotta polish it but i planned it and tested, while testing other peoples questions. Swap was quite annoying but i can see it being used powerfully as i experienced that swap loop, though after being prepared its easy.
Yes i made that Orb go really powerful using Chakram + discordance but it proves my point that chakram base dmg % is very good. One of the most powerful primary skills imo. Periphery puts whirling blades to shame as it makes the primary skill into Whirling Blades but addresses the weaknesses of the special skill by actually being affected by APS and then buffing with primary skill boosting effects. Discordance + Multishot though with chakram is quite op though. Then using a multishot theory build, a pure rogue immortal. Point is, so many possibilities that could work or have worked. Stealth i remember used to be overused before it was nerfed , coat procs or coat skill also because of bypassing Flawless Victory and it used to trigger so oten. Yeah i don’t see many pure rogue builds but that doesn’t mean its impossible for division 1.

Blinkstrike builds used to be common place too as well as camping bow builds and the LOHKO bow (lucky one hit ko) builds. Scattershot potential can be quite deadly + buccaneer + satyrs spirit if used effectively and many other possibilities.

After seeing the rise of one hit ko builds again, i can definitely imagine just about any skill has that one hit ko potential that olympian has.


My head hurts lol😲


@dickwad wrong emote. the correct one is :head_bandage: or :dizzy_face:
to be honest, I get lost in all the info @CuzegSpiked gives, but if I really pay attention, there is a lot of good info and advice, and he puts a lot of thought into the details. DQ is a better game with players like him sharing their experience and ideas with other players. as much as I have learned just by playing and thinking, I have learned a lot more with reading the posts in the Forums, and my gaming experience has become more enjoyable for it.
I am waiting for the first post saying that all the information you share from all your testing builds hurts their head. :head_bandage: :dizzy_face: with all the testing you do, means less testing for the rest of us. :smiling_imp: this is a good thing, since I am a lazy person. :sleepy:


@Golem My farming build is @CuzegSpiked . My builds will never give anyone an headache. They are too simple


Im lazy too but recently I am getting back into being more serious for DQ. Also fully agree that DQ is better when people like me, Mr Scooty and others share info, share the possibilities and more. Its like fully open source software! Sharing ideas is always good no matter what most of the time, but there are few times when its not as good.

I use the open source analogy since I have been recently using some software that is open source and they are quite cool since just about anybody can use the source code and make a fork (a different version , sometimes better than the original or more optimised). Case and point, Android is open source and when I installed a custom rom, rooted and used a kernel,I basically used somebody elses modified version of android which i can then also tweak for my own benefits to see exciting results for pushing hardware on games like DQ. It is basically Mobile Linux kernel tweaking and software to mess around with.

Many new ideas live on through sharing what’s discovered and learnt and even more sprout as well. Embracing creativity. Huge Modding community in valve show a great display of creativity with different maps, versions of a game, etc.
Through DQ, the ideas shared tend to stay there and people can use the idess to make even better builds or altogether new concepts.
In real life, sharing knowledge especially in science really advances mankind and gets people thinking to try and prove things wrong and right.
I had been encouraged to think this way ever since I wanted to learn about the game with people like cronos, mr scooty, midlumer, etc. I know not everyone can think as extensively or have the time but the game i believe did get more fun with many new builds, even the fun builds regardless of being competitive or not.


I think you make better build than me in some areas :slight_smile: . You contributed a lot here too, inspired even me for certain things that didn’t pop in my head for whatever reason. My first post was a newbie friendly build since at the time i was newbie too.

Simple builds, complicated builds, they all have great potential.


@CuzegSpiked I’m making a immortal rogue with procs on a an elixired eternal disaster caprice. The hp and armour will be virtually non existent but very high bleed damage courtesy of a pet.