How does this look since i got my new bow


Ps thank you @CuzegSpiked. You are great


The rogue will be my AI hireling in pvp. A crowd displacer


Interesting :smile:.


The down side as you well know @CuzegSpiked is procs require all skills


For high proc chances, it does help. That and patch 3.0 meaning reduced CD helps procs happen more often as it reduces proc cooldown.


Or do I just treat procs as simply additional damage


Whatever you like really. Minion proc from talent, skullshield proc, any proc can be good.

The best part is that procs carry the same MH or OH% as the skill had it not been proced so storm proc will be 600% MH dmg and if you put hero point and things like push the limit, it increase in dmg while using the hero point properties. Casting often , more procs as additional dmg which is totally acceptable.
Mythics are already 30% proc chance anyway. apocalypse proc , better than fury proc legend affix in one slot normally.


Does extra attack increase viability of proc happening?


@dickwad no. that only increases attacks of MH Primary Skill. doesn’t increase Proc Chance.