How many diffeent rarities are there for items

Im a noob :I and i dont know alot about this game and im wondering how many rarities like, magic , rare , leagendary and the green things there are. Ive seen pictures of light blue and purple items, what r they?

Light blue = crystal affix (blue line on item)
Purple = mythic item --> created with mythstones
Look here Griffin's Smithery: Mythics

@CombatWombt019 From worse to best.

Grey : Normal Gear
Blue : Magic Gear (Usually has 1-2 affixes)
Yellow : Rare Gear (Usually has 3-5 affixes)
Orange : Epic Gear (Has 6 affixes)
Red : Legendary (Only found with drops,they usually come with set affixes and affixes that you cannot get with rolls)
Cyan : Crystal Gear (Has 1 crystal affix,can come from drops)
Purple : Mythic Gear (Has 1 mythic affix)
Green : Eternal Gear (Legendary gear with 50% quality,has a chance to have a crystal affix in it)

Thanks, yay ive got eternal gear.

That’s super helpful to all us noobs out there, cheers bro I already had overpowered 800+ AR shirt (eternal) and I just got a crystal mirror (I use rogue) and I already had full legend and I wondered what the varieties and I never knew mythic gear (purple) existed so thanks