How many floors are there in dungeon quest and has anyone reached the limit yet?

Just curious haha

There’s no limit. You can climb as far as you can. I think the highest legit floor from a player in mythic 3 is 5,000+

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Amazing hahaha im on floor 379 right now hahaha i was hoping to have a floor limit which u encounter the strongest boss or something and gives u the strongest weapon hahahah

Aww why I can’t pass at floor 201? I reached 200 floors a week ago then I don’t know where to go next …

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if you kill a cartographer it will drop a map opening that map and clearing it will give you a map of the next floor up allowing you to progress past floor 200 :smile:

To kill cartographers at floor 200?

Yes kill a cartographer at floor 200 it will give you a map for floor 201 :smile:

Or just buy a map at floor 200 for guaranteed cartographer at the end. :blush:

Yess better work hard hahaha

i need my chars be strong as soon as possible…thats why im looking for the mythics but i dont know the hint or formula…can anybody post the maximum affix? or the hint

@Griffin012 could u help this guy hahah i dont know where the guide for mythic item building is… And dude… Once u farm up to 200 and reached lvl 99 i suggest u ascend ur character u can buy ur first ascention in the shop… Where u can buy maps… The last one, pick the eternal drop perk , where u can get crystal and eternal drop rate to 300% … Happy farming! Just be patient. Note that when u ascend u get to go to lvl one again but u can lvl up faster than before…

@Griffin012 answered his same question in another thread

Here you go deathGG this is the topic :smile:

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Sorry for the hassle hhAhah thNks!

No problem love ya cool person of an unknown gender :green_heart: :smile:

Lol hahaha im a guy haha

ok then *love ya cool dude :green_heart:

Not sure if ur a guy or a girl hahahaha

Neither I’m a poltergeist with a smartphone :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh my hahaha still ur pretty awesome… Hahah

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