How to calculate HP/MP Equality%

Equality%=1500/1500=100%?? :smiley:

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i think it’s hp+mp/2

equivalence is calculated just like that yes :smile: just remember too then multiply by 50% again. Also the codex is wrong right now and you can see on equivalence’s actual tool tip right now equivalence is actually 50% there is a picture here if you click this link :relaxed:

Sorry​:disappointed_relieved:I’m not good at speaking English。I I want to know 50% or 100%:blush::blush:

Both of the statements made in your first post are mathematically true here is the formula

Current bonus to damage and resource reduction from equivalence = lowest HP or MP / highest HP or MP * .5 * 100%

:blush::blush:I see。Thank You​:smile::smiley::grin:

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