How to optimize crystal farming

Is there a technique to get a crystals like . Ruby , amethyst , obsidian etc.

Converting eternal/crystal items (green/blue) for 500k is the best way. You can craft basic eternals that you already have found for 50 dust in your codex.

Ohhhh okay bro thank youu

I didnt see a 50 dust equipment the lowest dust price is 1000 dust for 1 equipment

1000 is to unlock the item, you can unlock also by finding it, that’s why I said “that you have already found”. After unlocking, you will spend 50 dust each time.
Another way when you are at the beginning is buying normal legends for 10 dust and hope they are in fact crystal legends, the chance is not so low if you have proper equipment. If they are normal reds, you can get back half dust (5) by salvaging again.


How to get legends found into legendex and eternal legendex. Buying in vendor shop (worked for me) , legend and eternal chests which also worked for me and actually farming those floors.

Ohh okay . I just want to create mythical gears(violet one) thats why im asking how to get a crystals like that but anyway guys thank you for helping me . It will help me so much

thats my character and i have warrior too but lvl 19 only

What is the item in top left of your inventory? If it’s a Steiger’s Fortune, you may be able to craft that for 50 dust and then convert to get your needed crystals!

This equipment is what im saying im crafting

Tell me what the item is and I can help you do that. The green one.

By the way, if it is indeed a Stieger’s Fortune then you can find the item in the codex at “eternal” section and CREATE a COPY for 50 dust (you have 800+ so you can easily get 15 of them).

After identifying them, you can “convert” them into a random ULTRARARE crystal for 500k gold (you have 7M so enough to do that), i.e.: Jasper, Zircon (this one is for putting sockets and then create mythic items), Garnet, Ruby, Amethyst and Obsidian (the rarest one). You can also convert 2 Jaspers into 1 Zircon for 250k (Jaspers are not that useful, a few of them are enough).

How to convert jasper to zircon ?

Im using the etherial/ethernal in arena

Ok, it’s not a Steiger’s Fortune, it’s a “Judgement”, so maybe to CREATE a COPY it may be more expensive. Can you manage to find it in the Eternal Legendex? Also check if in the Eternal Legendex you already have any more unlocked eternals.

So, I checked out, Judgement is a basic item so works fine. Follow the pictures:

as you can see, mine is locked so I need 1000 dust to unlock, but you should already be able to create one for 50.

Ohh i get it if u have it u can create one of it for only 50

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Yeah, and then tapping “convert” on the right of your screen makes you get a ULTRARARE crystal in exchange for the eternal item!

Yeahhh i got zircon

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