How to progress effectively at the very beginning of the game [The Duct Tape Build] [Hybrid PvE/PvP]


Good morning!
What do you think? Tips for getting better?
I can also show more of the equipment in stash if wanted…


I don’t understand how multi attack increases your damage? Arent you spamming orb on this build? how does orb benefit from multi attack?


Its wayyyyyyyyy better than my build so give some credit to yourself!


@liz7 lets say your MH primary attack does 100 points of damage. with multi attack +2, you get 2 more free attacks with your MH primary attack, but they do only 50% damage each of the original attack. lets say you are using a staff. it’s primary attack is Comet. the Comet does 100 points of damage, with multi attack +2, when you shoot the Comet, 2 more Comets will shoot out too, but they both will only do 50 points of damage each. if all 3 Comets hit the same target, then the target will get a total of 200 points of damage.
Orb is a Special attack and doesn’t benefit from multi attack. there is a Mythic affix called Discordance. what it does is switch the Primary and Special attack of a MH weapon. so if you had a Wizard Sword, and used Discordance, the Primary attack would become Orb, and the Special attack would become Pierce. multi attack would then work on Orb, but not on Pierce, because Pierce is now considered a Special skill, not the Primary.


Oh i see! So its only really good if you got Discordance. Got it.


Orb, or any other Special skills are pretty good as Special skills, but some Special skills make good, or even better, Primary skills, depending on how your craft your equipment. Discordance is only good for builds that focus on the Special skill being switched to the Primary skill spot. the one downside to Discordance is lower damage. if I had a staff that I put the Special skill Twister on, if the Comet does 100 points of damage plus 100 points of explosion, the Twister will do 400 points of damage every .25 seconds for 2 seconds. with Discordance, the Comet now does 400 points of damage plus 400 points of explosion, and the Twister is doing 100 points of damage every .25 seconds for 2 seconds. with multi attack, the Twister does almost as much damage as it did as a Special. read the description for Discordance to see why it makes a good Mythic to have.


Yeah. The downsides are lower damage unless you use Multi Attack , Extra Attack and a good primary skill weapon such as chakram, gauntlet , bow. You are also right that sometimes its not worth the effort when you can get even more damage without discordance in some cases at even less costs.


it is all about the trade offs. I have been using Equivalence + Harmony, but with so many posts about using Discordance, I couldn’t help but think of some builds using it. my thoughts were also along the lines of making the Primary that is switched to Special useful. not all of them are, but some Primary skills would make good back up Special skills for the Special that is switched to Primary.


quick question about the eternal option, how do i get it (4) mines just at (1) and I was wondering which gem gets me that


if you mean the (Green) Eternal Set affix (1-6), there are 2 items with this set, so you could get Eternal (2). if you have an item with + set affix (Legend-Red) you could have Eternal (2-6). the + set affix has a cap of 4, so if you had Eternal Nadroji Ring and Necklace, they would have +4 each for +8, but with the cap, only +4 will benefit you, and the other +4 will be wasted. to get the (6) you would need both Eternal items with the Eternal Set, and +4 Set affix, for 6 total. hmm, I think there is a ring and necklace with Eternal set too, so it could go to +8 total. also, the Eternal set can’t be rolled with Crystals, it can only be found on items you get from looting monsters and breakables.