How to progress effectively at the very beginning of the game [The Duct Tape Build] [Hybrid PvE/PvP]


Thanks sir!

Hard to get Zeus? - That´s my last question… Won´t more hijacking your thread then!


Nope Zeus is super common :smile: :+1: and don’t worry commenting and asking questions isn’t hijacking I welcome it :green_heart:


That sounds fine! I guess, it´s easy due to the 20 first points into Fortune?!


Yup also it’s one of the most common wizard legends :smile: :+1:


Good morning!

I found Taranis… But not Zeus yet…
I´m lvl 54 @floor 98…

Btw… I use Orb and Skullshield(it´s easy, that the skulls kill everything)


Nice you should definitely use Taranis until you can get a Zeus :smile:


I will do of course :wink:
But a question… This “ORB”-Skill is really small, will it be bigger to kill all enemys on the map?


It will not get much bigger but reactor will fire a homing laser off of it that allows it to kill stuff very easily :smile:


OK - sounds fine :slight_smile:

What will happen, if I don´t find Zeus till floor 200?
Farm before I start doing maps?


Just start doing maps if they start being too much trouble start farming for a Zeus back at 200 but you will probably find one :smile:


Good evening!

Can somebody give me tips on how to continue?
Have passed floor 200…



Buy map lvl on floor 200 then open when u get to the green dot a cartographer should show up… Defeat the carto then move on to next map… The map given by carto should be floor 201 then it should be good from there on.


That was not the answer, that I have expected…

I meant in the point of equipment - what to do next?
Begin crafting or wait for zeus?


Faarmm!!! For more item ur gonna need it esp on m3 200+


Well if u really want zues… But there are some other ways to progress also… Just pick which ever ur most comfortable with


Is it really true?
I delete the wizard to make a roque(like the playstyle more + I don´t found ZEUS)… BUT NOW?

I can´t make a hireling so I can´t have this Zeus on a wizard :frowning:

Oh well… :


Well u can always use jasper .but it wont be sword anymore


You can also unlock a stash (stash 1 - 4) with gold, put your item in that stash and then if you make a wizard (delete your rogue) you can pull the item out of stash 1 since stash slots are shared across all characters.


My problem with purchasing a 2nd slot has been solved :wink:
So I playing now the mage with roque-hireling! :slight_smile:


orb+chakram and discordance = awesome. The cooldown is a problem but once you have 45% reduced CD, you can work from there.

Also using Gauntlet with orb is powerful too along with hero points if you used discordance.

Even without discordance, orb from gauntlet deals more damage than the Zeus slicer in terms of base damage and if you used chakram on rogue or warrior hammer for orbs.
But Zeus is a good weapon to start off with for a reactor build like Duct Tape.