How to progress effectively at the very beginning of the game [The Duct Tape Build] [Hybrid PvE/PvP]


Ah yes sorry I was talking about the fact that you should be able to get the orb heroic skill on those pieces of gear but as Eater said applying an amber to a weapon will give you a selection of 3 different new skills to choose from and these can include orb :smile:


Anyone who can explain to me, why my orbs randomly proc a different element than poison?

I’m thinking it might have something to to with the orb proc afix?


Might not be relevant for you guys to answer, but here it is anyway. All poison gear


Do you have the ascendent set the prismatic talent (this will be on your necklace) or a slime pet these will all cause you to cast skills in a different element sometimes :smile:


Have ‘ascendant’ on my OH. I guess that’s it:)


Yup that’ll be it :smile:


Another question:
Noticed that you have two ‘reactor’ pieces. Does it serve a purpose, or is it just the random best piece you found, other than the pieces you described as a requirement for the build (reactor, plagued, discordance)?


Just the random best pieces I found :smile:


Allright. Thnx again for your time:) I’ll probably be asking more annoying questions as I progress with the build;)


Haha! Sounds great to me :smile: :green_heart:


Could you tell me how exactly to get this frightening choker of haste im farming floor 227 on legend difficulty and aint getting a thing please enlight me thank you

P.s.s since im fairly new to this game is this build supposedly a farming build? Then what about the farming equips how to go bout on that one


The frightening choker is a random drop above floor 200 on legend difficulty and yes this build is a farming build but it is not an endgame farming build it is an extremely early game farming build the guide is here to teach you how to reach a point where you can get the items for an endgame farming build and the crystals to craft it :smile:


Finally! :slight_smile:


Sweet! time for you to become a god of reactor flavoured death }: D


that fame was so awesome :+1:


Not comprehending exactly how the damage works in this build, is it worth it implementing an item like this with the ‘ignore resist’ afix?



Yes Ignore resist is definitely a good add in :smile:


Thnx again:)


These are the only plagued items I’ve come across so far. Gotta appreciate the irony:p

(having loads of fun with the build so far btw)


Lol isn’t that just the way it always goes had the exact same thing happen to me when making the example build and I’m super glad you’re enjoying it! :smile:


Thanks for clarifying on that part . Another question i like to ask , in your guide you mentioned about plagued gear , reactors , discordance robe but you didnt seem to have that plagued affix in those image you posted can you clarify on this one as well.