How to progress effectively at the very beginning of the game [The Duct Tape Build] [Hybrid PvE/PvP]


Absolutely! the reason I don’t have plagued in the images is simply because RNG was being very mean to me that day and refused to give me some plagued gear but it is normally quite common and incredibly important :smile:


So, few tips on reactor. Discordance my lower the damage of ORB… but the Reactor Set Affix is independant on the Orb Damage itself. Instead, it functions based on your MH (MainHand) damage. So, the higher the MH Damage (NOT DPS) the better each Arc Tick. Now, with that being said, Affixes other than reactor will stack HUGE proportions of damage onto Arc. Plagued gives poison DOT (Damage Over Time) a boost if Im not mistaken, and Poison Damage +xxxx or Poison Damage xx% affixes would help, along with the poison Elemental Critical affix known as Toxic.

The reason this set is so functional, especially at lower levels (< 300), is because discordance allows for the swapping of cooldowns. The wand could have Amber used on it to gain the Orb Skill, and then you would shoot Orb as fast as you did and for the same skill cost as Barrage assuming you have a Discordance mythic affix on a peice of gear. The damage and dps of this build comes from the fact that Arc has it’s own damage calculation, and also applies elemental DOT to multiple enemies rapidly. This means Orb is merely the vessel that your DPS is carried upon.

This means, try to strengthen your elemental crits, poison damage, and mainhand damage if you are encountering issues with higher floors. Try not to worry so much about the heroic skill level of Orb.

I hope all this info helped… I’m not the best DQ player, so I may have made a mistake or two in my words… but if I did, I didn’t realize it. I use a reactor build myself, and they are greatly satisfying. :smile: Keep on being you, good sir. And dream in neon.


Actually this is not the case although I can definitely see how the description might be misleading! :smile:

Because of the way the damage formula works it specifiers MH damage but the arc is based on your orbs damage however the beauty of this starter build specifically is that having discordance buffs orbs damage instead of weakening it because of the +2 multi attacks :smile:


Time for a few more questions;)

Can you “overclock” the orb beyond +40? If my limited math-skills are correct, I’m a fair amount above that at the moment, and I’m thinking that i should re-roll one of my items to something else than ‘+X Orb’ - UNLESS you can “overclock” the skill?
Also if i remove the +orb afix from a couple of my items - what would you consider the most desired stat to aim for? Snowpetal mentions +poison dmg in various forms.
Next question - as far as I’ve been able to deduct - you can reroll epic afixes using Fluorite, but not Legend afixes? As far as I can tell, you have to remove them, and then apply a new random afix, using a Ruby, praying to the rng gods for something usefull :pray: - dunno if thats the way it works?
I read that arc dodge can reach +25%, and I considered rerolling the stat on my head piece, but it seems that the chance of getting a completely useless afix is too high for it to be worth the attempt?

Last but not least, once you reach +20 fortune and +20 orb using Hero points, what would you recommend to lvl next? In your case Griffin, i get why you’re putting points into intelligence, using mana shield, but if, as in my case, you’re not, would it be better to put them into strength to buff the hp?



Nope 40 is the max so you should definitely switch it out I would suggest getting elemental damage% too replace them as they are stronger then +elemental damage do too the way the damage formula works

For legend affixes yes the only way to apply a new different one is by removing an affix and applying a ruby and praying really really hard to RNGesus so it is unlikely to get something good in only 1 try but it is actually sapphire that changes epic affixes fluorite is for rerolling the roll you got on those epic affixes :smile:

and yes I would suggest starting to spec into strength and then into dexterity :+1:


Thnx again:)


Always glad to help out! :smile:


Im out of my thread here, i know, but can someone tell me exactly how does the Arc skill work? I have a few questions that I would like a dev to answet, as I am trying to roll a trio of Reactor toons, one of each class.

•What does Arc take it’s damage from? Is it MH damage, MH DPS, or something else like the Orb damage? Will having Orb at r40 increase the damage of Arc?

•Are the Arc procs from the Arc Mythic, the Arc Dodge, and the Reactor set all the same? Or does each have it’s own damage formula?

•Is Arc affected by the Identity set affix or Timewarp? If no to either or both, what is a viable set affix to boost Arc’s damage with Ice Element?

•Finally, Is the Arc Mythic effected by Proc Chance boosts such as +10% all procs? Arc is listed as a “proc” in the myhic description.

I hope this isn’t question overload… but Knowing these thigs could greatly improve my builds. Thank you in advance!


The arc casted by orb is based off of your orbs damage which is based on MH damage so the damage your orb does is

(((((damage from power+base weapon damage of your mainhand weapon+weapon damage on your mainhand weapon) * weapon damage% on your mainhand weapon) * elemental damage%)+elemental damage) * every other damage boosting multiplier you have including those that only boost the damage of orb specifically)

so the arcs damage is simply 12.5% of that damage per rank so yes having orb at rank 40 will increase your arcs damage

Yes these 3 arcs are all separate from each other and thus are calculated differently

No arc is not affected by either of these a good set to boost arcs damage with the ice element would be frozen and permafrost


Hope that helps :smile:


Thank you so much!


:smile: :+1:


Wondering how you use this build.
Seems to me that the best approach is just running into everything, spamming orb. Most of the time, stuff dies, sometimes I get one shot by ranged attacks running towards enemies. Might just be that I need more defensive stats to survive blasts like that.
Just seems to me, this is not really a build where you stand still and fire at range.
Correct me if I’m wrong:)?


Yes the build is mostly meant to run in and rapidly AOE everything to death a good rule of thumb for the amount of HP you want in order to be reasonable survivable would be about 500k for floor 500 mythic 3 :smile:


500k? :scream:
lol - that’ll take a while. I’m sitting at a WOOPING 14261hp at the moment. But then again - only just switched to legendary. Lots of stuff to do/farm/get i guess;)


Don’t worry it’s pretty easy to do once you start getting affixes of +2 sets :smile:


*Reserved for explanation
So - I’m considering switching my orb for this shield.

I’m hoping that the glass-canon + points in empower will give me a boost in dps.

Also I kinda like only having to focus on +mana and +%mana on items, instead of mana and HP.
That said - I kinda love the Explosive afix on my orb, and I have a hard time seeing though what kind of dps that is adding to my build, compared to the obvious raise in stats I get by equipping the shield.

Any thoughts?


Dmg. using orb

Dmg. using shield, without the points in empower.


You will be better off keeping the orb if you don’t immediately switch all of your HP affixes into MP ones as well as start getting things like cosmic power and aethereal drain but yes that should work :smile:



Didn’t think you could craft set-afixes? Or maybe thats not what you meant:)
(I know - I really need to read up on the whole crafting aspect of this game:P *EDIT , but I have a day job also :laughing: )


You actually can craft them with the crystal amythest but I was mostly referring to just grabbing legends with those affixes :smile: and too true :stuck_out_tongue: