I badly need help

I nee help for making a twister build from scratch, not forming but for quick ascension in floors, I always get killed with monster with explosive, haunting, etc. Im a fan of aftermath but its way too op for me so I decided to make a twister build and I meed help badly cuz I suck at making this from scratch

What level/ascend are you and what is your current build?
I am assuming that you are a wiz, do you have a large quantity of CS to make a build from scratch?

even if you make a Twister Build, the Special AoE attacks some monsters have last a few seconds, so you need to get out of the AoE fast. either more movement speed, Teleport, Shatter, or anything that will get you out of danger.
when I was using a Twister Build, I had +10 All Skills, 20 Hero Points in Twister, and Epic +10 Twister. I also had 60% Cool Down with 100% WD and +5,000 WD. for awhile, I had a Twister Proc just to see how it worked, and it was really fun. this was on my Ascending Build for my first Character, a Wizard. it got into trouble above floor 250, but I stuck to farming floor 110 on M3 for Experience. I also had a bunch of Farming Affixes to get more loot for later builds, which is why it didn’t do to well above 250. this was when I was still a DQ Noob. plus, I was doing a lot of Crafting on the build as I Ascended, to try out different Set and Affix combinations. I was using a Staff, so I could pump Comets into the Twister when it Taunted monsters, but when I got my Cool Down up to 60%, I was pumping out so many Twisters that I didn’t really need Comet. but I had a Crystal 500 MP on Hit to make sure I didn’t run out of MP for all those Twisters.

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My level is 90 epic and my build is this

Just dont mind the arcanist on the OH im still looking for a plague affix and to the robe for momentum. If tou ask why taunt on my OH it gives me a faster clears on enemy packs just the normal to rare enemies. About the crystals well I dont have a problem with those since I got 2 bags full of legendart and if its not yet enough I’ll just farm
Edit: i changed the amulet to ths just cuz of blight and this is my current damage in my twister

Tbh i got my cooldown on it like to 0.1s but i had to sacrifice th cooldown cuz i was getting killed a lot like on a unbelieveble number like 4-5 per floor

What’s wrong with aftermath ? its reeally good for farming

Based on your gears, I can conclude that you are not gearing up for higher floors in terms of survivability…
You are knowledge-able about druidic+plague combo as well as the usage of Taunt for wiz…
But looking at your HP and the small number of affixes that grants EHP means that you are most likely going to die alot more than manashield and sanctuary helps you to live…
Remember, you cant deal damage if you are dead…

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try to replace Taunt from your Bracer with Timewarp.

Its good but it sucks the thrill of living in the edge

I actually reached floor 300+ with that gear and I die if there is a epic worms and ogre etc


What is your point on this?
Sure, your build is viable at 300+ floors but how about 400+, 500+, and the next one and the next?
Your build needs to adapt as you progress between floors for your build to be viable as possible and it seems like yours cant handle even some worms or ogre…
Do your research, brainstorm, compare your builds with other hiking builds that can go x,000+ floors…

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Well I been reaserching something and I like the build thay chronos had done but im having a hard time doing so and im still wondering if its do-able as twisters rather than orbs

Try to talk to the author of the build, in this case Chronos. Ask politely for some pointers like which gears to hunt, which cs/ms to farm, etc.
The only thing that is making the build so hard to mimic is the authors devotion to time, effort, luck and resources they spent just to craft their own perfect build.

I guess so. But I dont know if he still active in the forums anymore

Tag me the build and Ill try to do my best to help you

Here’s the build Dama Dama No Mi [ Wizard : PvE Build 2.3 Patch], thank you for helping me

The build says that the build requires you alot of cs and it seems that the build is focused on Reactor Orbs meaning that you cant use twister.
Are you prepared to stop midway of the build if at anytime you have exhausted your resources from looking for the specific affixes like topaz, ruby, amethyst and/or obsidian?

Hmm I guess i could try i’ve got somethings in store i could just edit the affix and do it but i highly doubt that i will get those perfect affix. Thank you for helping me and sorry for wasting your time in a noob like me

Just ignore perfect affixes first since it wouldn’t really affect much the effectiveness of the build you want to make. Just always max the level and item quality of every gear before applying crystals. I agree that you try that orb reactor build i have similar build but using frozen. Its a nice build for a wiz and it can help you reach atleast floor 1000 even in M3.