I badly need help

Im really scared of using orbs since its my first tine

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I swear it’s really nice :grin:.

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There are many variations for orb reactor builds but i think the core elements to this build are discordiance, multi-attacks, extra attack chances, and of course reactor set.

But doesnt reactor set come with like slow orb?

Yes. It will get almost stationary at +40 orb skill but through reactor it will have lighting-like ability that arcs on enemys around you. With discordiance and multi and extra attacks it will greatly boost orb’s damage as well as the arcs since it will have 62% of the orb’s damage.

So with this build you realy have to move aroubd alot while casting it?

As for me im using ice element so enemies would freeze to their deaths before they can hit me. I’ll share mine Wizard Frozen Orb+Reactor Discordiance build
I hope this will help you. Though there are a lot of other better build guides here in this forum its up to you to look for them.:+1:

Thank you

Always a pleasure to help anyone in need.
I too was a noob too when I first joined the old forum(there was an old forum page before this one). Lot of people helped me that time, giving tips on knowing the tricks and then suddenly without realizing that I got stronger by the day.
I give help to people in need to give respect to the people that once helped me when I was in need.

Thank you so much again for helping me

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@Stride Orb Skill 40 is already an immobile Orb. I believe Slow Orb (Legend - Red) lets the Orb last longer. since the Orb Spell lasts 2 seconds, a 25% Slow Orb adds .5 seconds to the spell. Reactor adds an Arc every .5 seconds. normally, that is 4 Arcs to any enemies in range for the duration of Orb. so 1 Slow Orb would add 1 Arc before the Orb Spell ends. the reason I think this is that Slow Orb would be meaningless if it just slows the Orbs movement. putting Points into Orb Skill already does that. I tried testing it once, but got distracted by surviving during the testing, and then distracted by some ideas for another build. I did a search on the subject, and the few mentions are that it slows the Orb’s movement speed, not it’s time. I still want to test it out, but if someone already has, please share.
another thing is that the higher floors you go to, the less important HP is. or MP if you are using Mana Shield. the reason is that the higher you go, the more monsters you meet that can one hit you to death. combinations of Dodge, Block, and Sanctuary work better. and if you can slow, freeze, stun, knockback, kill faster, even better. being able to move out of the way of ranged attacks or speedy monsters helps, like with faster movement, Teleporting, Shatter, Vault, Charge. I have 60% Dodge, 45% Block, and +50% Movement Speed, and I don’t die very often, even on the higher floors (got up to floors 800+ so far). my Hireling has Dodge 30% and Sanctuary, and is doing better than I thought it would, since it only has Myth Stones and Mythic Affixes on the Equipment, and an Epic Fairy for 6 Epic Affixes. his deaths go up when I do 130+ pack size maps and certain Map Affixes, but if I keep my main near enough to help kill some of the monsters and take some of the heat off of him, I can go a few maps before he dies again.
Edit: at the moment, my Hireling is Ascending on floor 110 M3. he would die a lot if he went up to 800+ (tried that a few time to test, my poor Hireling).


You’re right @Golem. I believe orb skill level only affect its move speed and not its duration. I’m wondering if living force works with immobile orbs at +40 orb skill?

@Alkahest in Version 3.0 Patch Notes, Orb Skill in not considered a Projectile, and is not affected by Living Force.

Ok. Thanks @Golem

But does living force affect twister?

No it doesn’t. Twister also isn’t considered a projectile.

Twister is not a Projectile. umm, Comet, Barrage, Scalp, Pierce, Throw Sword, Toss, Boomerang, Whirling Blades, Rock Blast (MH Mythic), Cosmic Orb (MH Mythic), and Orbit (the Arcane Elemental Critical) are the only things that are considered Projectiles and that can be used with Living Force.

Then whats like the best set for it like the green one example living force, vampiric touch , etc

Cosmic orb (mythic) is a projectile too.

ahh, I was doing a quick search, but didn’t see that, but I do remember reading about it. thanks @Alkahest, I added it to my list.
@Stride, are you talking about a Set that goes well with Orb Skill? Reactor. if it is Twister, I just did 40 points in Twister and 60% Cool Down, with anything that boosted damage. for a little while, I had Twister Proc, and that was really fun. I still want to try it with Discordance, as it looks like a lot of fun. also, Talents or affixes that increase the AoE of Twister are a good addition, pulling in monsters from further away to get damaged.

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