I found a Chinese BBS


tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=dungeonques … ce=1&pn=0&

What’s that?

The address of Chinese BBS

Whats a chinesse bbs

That was actually my question :laughing:
Its a “Bulletin board system” (found on google) but don’t really know what is its purpose :confused:

I know some Chinese, so I can understand

Basically they are discussing about DQ. Like this forum.
Some concern they have regarding 1.6

  1. New version too hard. For new player outleved their items too fast. Periot gems is so rare. And you can only up 1 level.

That’s not true. Peridot adds anywhere from 1-99 levels randomly based on how high a floor they have earned, just like reroll used to add.

Ah thats what they were discussing. I just translating. Alot of feedback from chinese player

If you can understand it, i’d love to know more on what they are saying :smile:

For what it’s worth I would concur about peridot being a tad too rare in my opinion. I am leveling a rogue and found a Thunderbuss early on but it’s now about level 7 while I am level 30 and on floor 30.

Similarly on my warrior (level 94ish on floor 245) I can’t reliably bring legendary or crafted items up to my level. Since the patch went live I have played waaaaay more hours than is healthy yet I have found all of 1 Peridot (it took my Fate’s Travesty from ilvl 77 to 93… Meanwhile I have a number of legendary items and crafted epics that I am hoping to bring up to speed once I finally get the Fate’s Travesty to 100.

If you can understand it, i’d love to know more on what they are saying :smile:[/quote]
Sure ill try to give you the list of what they were saying

They are discussing the crystal stones and mythstones

And a lot of about 1.6 update,Someone discuss bug or Show some equipment

Some have even found a crystal equipment

You can use Google translation

Thank you for letting us know so far what they say. Tried google translate but it was very broken, hard to understand.

Soon we will have a fully localized Chinese version…hopefully they will love it!

They would like Chinese version, English to prevent a large number of Chinese players.