I need help with sum

Thank you all the class I like is wizard I’m trying to get a wizard sword what floor do I have to be to get one? And do any of y’all know how to get. Internals I’ve got a few legendary‘s and 11 dust. what floor do I have to be on to get. Internals? Please help a newbie i’m sorry if I spelled anything wrong

day one lol

Thank you alll for the help in Advance

I can’t remember which floor they become available, but it’ll be floor 5, 10, 15, or 20 after your defeat the Act Boss.

you could also find it as Treasure from defeating a monster

you could buy one in the Shop with Gold if one shows up. the shop gets new inventory when you go to a new map or defeat the boss at the end of the map.

you could get a Legend or Eternal by chance as a monster drop, from the shop, or using Dust to get it from the LegendEx. breaking boxes or other breakables in a map might also drop Treasure. look in the Feats in the Codex to see the rewards you can get when you meet the Feat requirements.

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Yo I just got a better golexs gauntlet

the first Eternal Item I ever got was a level 2 Golex’s Gauntlet. I used it forever because the Twister did tons of damage on the lower floors. That +50% Item Quality is pretty nice, especially when you put points into the Power Stat.

Bruh I just got 4 hackers in a row I think these are

might be wrong pics

there is a Discussion Only Cheaters & Hackers Thread and a Reports Only Cheaters & Hackers Thread.

when you are not sure, just check the Items against what is in the Codex > LegendEx.

also, only a few Crystals can be used on Eternal Items.

after checking things out, if they are cheats, or you are still unsure, then post them in the Cheaters & Hackers Thread. if you just want to talk about cheaters & hackers, go to the Discussion Thread.

hope this helps.

Those are all theoreticly legit, you ran into no hackers there. You shouldnt run into many if any hackers till mythiv and legend league. And even then hackers tend to be fairly easy to deal with if you have the right build for a decent counter. I ounce ran into a milion hp warrior that i just dodged and teleported and ran down the timer 11 times in a row to get the free round power boost, and obliterated that million hp difrence.

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:rofl: that’s great advice!

I don’t normally worry about other players cheating, as I just play until I win. remember, even if they cheat, they still only have 42 slots for affixes like everyone else. just think of cheaters as a way to make a better build, because when you beat a cheater, your build should be able to beat a bunch of legit builds also. at least, until you meet up with even better builds, then you need to make a better build again… lol.