I need to fix my build

This is it

I have some questions
1.how to apply arcane buff to ice elemen? (If it can)
2.do i need a Crushingblow to this build?
3.im in 1837M3, and i fell hard to kill any legend/mythic enemies,so difficult to drain legend/mythic enemy HP without Crushingblow, so how? He cannot be frozen
4.whats optional affix to fix it?
5.do i change an item i used?

Any suggest welcome :wave:

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Mr. @Golem

All u need is 5 frozen and 6 crush flame with 30% CB for climbing. It will bring u to infinite floor.

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Flintlock Farm build

Here’s my build bro, you can try this.

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thanks for visiting my topic
I mean, not to completely change my build
I want to upgrade my build to keep using ice element, Is it possible? if possible, then how?
I’ve watched a lot of builds with fire elements CB+CF in this forum, and that’s pretty common.
I watched some videos on YouTube, and most of them use Eternal items which are edited in such a way

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  1. you need Ascendant and Arcanist Sets for that. this will make your Gears base Ice & Prismatic.
  2. maybe.
  3. let’s see what I write in # 4.
  4. a. on your Shibe, change the +5000 Ice to either +30% Weaken or +20% Ice. either one will give lot’s more damage than +5000 Ice.
    b. on your Chest, change Brutal to Skilled Mythic. this will give all your Guided Shot attacks +50% damage. this is before critical damage is calculated. I did the math once, and this is the better way to go.
    c. on your Ring, take off that Push the Limit. it’s getting replaced by Skilled Mythic on the Chest for more damage, and replace it with +10% Deadly Strike. this, with Skilled, will give you more Deadly Strike damage more often. this also means the Frozen explosions will do more damage also.
    d. take the +5000 WD off of your MH and replace it with either +30% Elemental Critical or +15% Move Speed. whichever one you put on your MH, take the other off of your OH and put another +2 Multi Attack instead. (if move speed on MH, take move speed off OH).
    e. your HP/MP % is ~81%, so your Equality is only ~+30.6% damage & extra Regen. (maybe tweak your Strength & Intelligence Skills so your HP/MP % is better).
    f. if it takes awhile to kill Epic+ monsters, or any monster on higher floors, Adventurer isn’t giving you damage or move speed when the Gold Picked Up Indicator goes away. since move speed also gives you a little extra damage with Momentum, you lose that too.
  5. only if you need an Item(s) to make any changes/improvements with.

your damage & DPS should go up a lot.

hope this helps.

welcome to DQ @Sunzhang !


Thanks for any options mr. @Golem
Maybe i remove adventurer and change it to epyphany
And some modification to improve my build

Time to farm

before you use Epiphany, check out your Build first. Rage will probably already have your Critical Damage over Cap a little, but if you want other affixes over Cap, you are going to have to get rid of other affixes to make space. one idea is to keep your Deadly Strike at 30%, and the +10% Deadly Strike I mentioned earlier could be another +15% Critical Hit. this will give you +75% Crit hit and Crit damage almost at the new Cap over +400% with Rage. haha, and you already have a ton of Attack Speed that will go into effect for your Guided Shot, so your DPS will go up a bit.

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