I want to ask if my build is good to pve help me to adjust something or change

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I have skullshield builds but frozen you can check them out if you want to see what I use

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Im new in this forum and idk how to see the builds of yours too but in comments i think

This build doesn’t have any survavibily. I mean, anything kills you.

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Your build is good as long as you keep moving, but you need to be strongly familiar with it to survive in high level dungeons. Otherwise you will need to get some dodge and block mix or a dodge stealth addition.

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Thnks for suggestions by the way thats the dmg and i can increase my skullshield dmg per ht maybe 17m with insolense defiant OH

Stealth proc, 2 x increase proc and mythic vanity and around 50% dodge will provide you a good survival capacity will you keep moving with that kind of build, only problem is that while you on stealth the damage reduce at half, but crushing blow isn’t affected by the stealth damage reduction.

In your build, if i were you i would have go for 2xcrushing flames, 30%-40% crushing blow, and you wouldn’t need more damage except at least 2x blight. Then run some dungeons with just these small changes and check if you feel fine with just this. Otherwise then go for the Stealth proc … comments i did and run the dungeons and check how its work so you don’t spend lot of stones at a time and feel comfortable with the changes and the progress. Just make litter changes and be familiar with your build, trying to remove those aspect that don’t let you progress one at a time.

Thanks a i will do some changes by the way like what we talk my english is sometime not understanding sorry​:disappointed_relieved::joy:

:+1: no problem, i understand you very well.


You can save you an affix by getting rid of the vortex bonus considering it is not being used. A couple crystal dodge affixes will help as well. You can make all your natures to of evasion for more dodge. You will most likely die a lot with this if you dont have soenthi ng to protect you