I want to know exposed mythic option at shield

i want to know exposed mythic option at shield

some people said that is regit so how to make ?

The offhands that have the exposed title is a bug exposed is not actually on the offhand the title is just wrong :smile:

so u mean that is not working ?

i saw knuts and some people at readerboard

It is a naming bug that is all the mythic that is on the offhand is not exposed :smile:

than i want to know what kind of mythic option at shield ?? i want to make that

i think that is not possible

Here is a list of all the offhand mythics you may apply as for telling you what mythic they are using if I where too do that I would be over stepping my bounds since the whole point of the change too mythics where they don’t get named was so that you couldn’t just copy them :wink:

And again it is simply a name bug the mythic that is actually applied is from this list :smile:

vanish / nova / enigma

i know that but i make all these mythic itme than i can not see exposed shield

Is this the important thing is what kind of options are displayed in Mystic exposed?

The exposed offhand is the exact same except with a bugged name there is absolutely nothing special about it but the bug that makes it say exposed despite that not being the case :smile:

The bug is not fixed yet, but leaderboards let me know how it looks if you really just want to see them, but not others creates directly. If only it should not be interpreted geolro writing bugs and enjoy the games Officer. Just as if you really know how the horse differs enables you to prove that other people are making a bug name. The only doubt it is going to hide whenever I see that there is a shield expoesed andeunda think only of that playful Officer.

The bug that caused it too occur was fixed so you may no longer create these items they are now what we call “legacy items” and legacy items are items that have some aspect of them that you cannot obtain anymore but don’t break the balance of the game in any way so they are just cool mementos for the players that discovered the bug/got a version of a legendary item that no longer exists :smile:

What is the reason as to use such items in the report, even though the sidelines ranked on the leader board?

These should very clearly be a naming bug too all who mess with mythics on the current patch as mythics no longer have names :smile: and as for why people use them well that’d be because they crafted them for that purpose and they’re no less valid of an item then any other :+1:

6.1 happened since Season 2 new items when they Scary? This patch crossing the blow seems to be a mistake. The main hand weapon damage is applied to cases where the application?

Please clarify so I may respond better?