I wish there would be a monk character

Eh it’s really cool to add more characters other then just rogue, wizard and warrior

i dont think so its much good if eternal can customize you can pick a girl boy ver of chars and lvl capacity 120 and u can trade items with ur friends and play with them on the same map and u can make friends but it needs wifi of course and max map is 3200

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Yeah I would go for ur opinion

And multi-player actually it will be an awesome game

and new stage and new elements

Get schooled, kids. :sunglasses:


At least a multi-player

Multi-player via Bluetooth? It’d be great or NOT.

If Bluetooth and Wi-Fi it’s awesome

Wouldnt multiplayer through downloaded characters be better? So the chosen character was there but you couldnt use its items, only the character and its AI

Eh just normal multi-player then can go online for me it’s good enough and add friend list

how about a dragon pet or some dinosaur instead of monk character xD

a mount . lol or a new set of bosses.

keep writing
Will the wave puts multi-player, more is the split between new characters, multi-player or new pets …
DQ could add several items,
new skins (eg skins with style elements, or the real world, something like a rogue rs cheerleader there goes creativity.
new characters kind monk is good.
new wings style elements.
skins face more aggressive weapons of fear rs
mount not know how I would adapt to the characters more is good ne
pets like a dragon would be wonderful pets mythological is good.
plate full of things that could add …

more on the issue multi-player game is offline so best is wifi or bluetooth. than by online … to play among friends .