Ideas for my 1st concept team. Seeking Advice

So, I’ve been playing this game for just under a month now and I love it. I’m digging the forums as well, but the idea of posting from my little phone has been helping me put this off. It’s time to hopefully put an end to my wasteful choices and start getting somewhere.

At some point last weekend I realized that, while I like goofing off on my Warrior, my Wizard hireling would be carrying the lion’s share of enemy melting duties, what with Nadroji, Eternalized, and Crystaline taking up some prime real estate on my main dude. I noticed a few posts by @CuzegSpiked on the Flash Farmer Rogue thread that I was reading when trying to figure out what to do with the Rogue I want to replace my Wizard with as the Enforcer to my Warrior’s Speedy/Lucky/Grabby guy.

Over the week, my farming strategy has sort of coalesced into a comfortable spot. I’m pulling 2-3.5M-ish a map, depending on how many legends I convert. I’m happy to keep at that while my main works to ding 99 again for the accomplished perk. Cruising Ep8 floor 182 maps because they’re quick, profitable, and I like the idea of converting/salvaging a ton of lowbie jewels once I get Accomplished (Pet Skills, btw?)

Long winded intro, I apologize. I’ll summarize my questions per toon now.

Wizard= This guy is getting no love. Running an ad hoc green garden build (if I understand it correctly. Not sure what I’ll do to improve him. He’s suiting my present needs just fine.

Warrior= So, right now, he’s got a Crystaline Hammer, Eternal Helm, Three Pieces of Nadroji, Faun’s Gift Pet (finally completed the Enslaver Feat for the first time last night. what’s up with that?) I ambered the hammer for WW just so I’d have something to do while the Wiz hoses everybody down with poison Ragnarok, but Warrior has almost no offensive capability whatsoever. I’m comfortable with that. I think it’s funny, but would hear advice on how to efficiently have him contribute to the duo’s damage (I heard something about a crushing blow nerf, so I’m not exactly sure how it works/scales, etc). My big issue with him moving forward is two-fold.
One, should I swap Nadroji ring for Epiphany ring and pump luck Crystal Affixes up? While I’m not at the point where I’ve even seen an Elixir MS, my Nadroji Necklace is Eternal (within my first 10 eternals if you can believe it), so I’m not concerned about +Sets until I’m ready to replace that neck piece. I’m still very iffy even after reading discussions on how luck is factored for main/hireling) Is there a definitive answer on how much luck/gold find one toon can effectively bring to a team for EP8 farming? Where is the current version of this information kept?
Two, my OH. For S&G’s, I ripped all the affixes except for Zealotry off a shield and souped it up with his favorite junk, namely Pickup Radius (22.3yds LOL, feel free to let me know at what point I stopped being practical). But the 25% Movement speed from Zealotry is fun, it can easily be replicated with two slots in a build that is 98% pacifist. What would be the ideal Set Affix for that slot? I’m using Blood Magic (although I could not actually tell you why) and the Satyr’s Set doesn’t seem to add hp like I expected. Am I correct in assuming that Nadroji can’t be rolled via amethyst (please let me be wrong. please please please)?

Finally, My Rogue. I’ve acquired pieces over the last two weeks that has me thinking Scoundrel, Ninja, Frozen, Permafrost, ?, ?, ?. Two very nice Chakrams, but I don’t enjoy watching that crap fly around. Prefer the stabby type. So, I’m wondering a few things. Fury? Yes/No. Go for epiphany bonus, or does the one Crystal Affix slot and change required cost to much for the expected return? what would be the optimal mix of crit/crit dmg/deadly strike be? Does Explosive crit? Would an optimally rolled Taunt proc be enough to round up the mobs for Frozen to dispatch?
Can the explosive affix crit, and would those crit explosions be the dmg that sequent Frozen explosions base their damage on? If all of these are answered in the affirmative, would I want to mess with Ice Damage at all instead of relying on MH Wep Dmg and Fatty Explosions? Are Frozen/Explosive too in competition with one another for the mob strength I’m looking to tackle (Thinking I’ll graduate up to farming low 500’s if the dmg output can make it as fast as I’m doing 182 (no longer than 4 minutes a map)?

Lengthy, lengthy post, but I’ve had this stuff bouncing around in my head for the last few days so I had to get it out.

Thanks very much in advance for any and all useful input.

One last general question.

Any advice on stockpiling crystals/ converting up Mythstones? I’ve noticed I’m poking at a piece or two with the big 3 crystals (that will stop when I get a more concrete idea of where I’m going to take these characters). I’m wondering what the smart players do and why, in regards to hoarding until “ready” or spending as you go. Are there inventory levels you seasoned crafters like to see in your bags before you start blowing through millions worth in the pursuit of an idea?

thanks much

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I can’t give much help besides saying you may pull more gold in on floor 200 ep8 maps with pack size 100%+ may we get pics of your ms/cs stockpile and of your toons ?

I haven’t figured out how to do screen caps of that stuff. I’m actually a little embarrassed at my crystal count right now. I think I’ve got 1 ruby, 3 amethyst and no obsidian at the moment. The reason I’ve finally registered and posted was that I was getting fed up with my bad, impulsive decisions that led to waste.

My dps wizard is in mostly eternals. I’d just acquired a crystal neck with the druidic bonus, so I moved stuff around to equip 4 of that set. With how many torrents are flying around, it has me thinking i might do well to jasper the kit to warrior, equip a battle mage hat and have him go to town while the rogue wears the loot fest gear. I’ve promised myself not to decide until warrior hits 99 again, because I’m wary of the rogue being two ascends behind.

Is there something I could answer in lieu of pictures?

I’ve been wondering about that. Do the gold drops scale up as the levels increase? I hadn’t really noticed because I climbed so fast on lower difficulty to reach 500 for crystal rarity, then 600 to get epiphany stuff. I converted ep8 maps when I hit my target levels and slowly slugged it out until I got what I wanted. I chose 180+ on a casual remark I spotted about it being an effective farm/grind level, not any exhaustive research.

@Thentheresthisguy it would be much easier for us to read/understand ur questions if u put it by numbers/bullet i had hard time writing lol(needed to write on paper)

  1. crushing blow is still very strong mandatory for floor hiking works well 800+floor m3 since mobs gets tougher specialy when u reach 1500+. (if ur running low floors no need to use crushing blow)
  2. ya use ephipany since it inc all ur stat cap by 25% at rank 5(w/c inc ur luck/gf/drop rate)
    3.nadjori cant be rolled via amethys
    4.crystal affix mixup. 1x crit chance45%, 1x225%cdmg(use rage affix to reach capn350%),1-2x deadlystrike 30%(if ur a rogue 1x is enough since u got 20% already from deadeye talent) crafting brutal mythic do 3xcdmg on deadlystriken instead of 2x.
    other viable crystal are dodge30%(great dmg boost w/ pathfinder affix), 45%cdr for utility, block 45%(survival), 30%crushblow1pc (if ur start goin higher floor)
    5.ya explosive do crit and can chain react explosion to mobs.
    6.taunt proc is good w/ frozen but honestly if u run pack maps frozen alone is enough since frozen chain reacts and has bigger aoe of explosion(highest burst affix ingame)
  3. explosive is good deal masive dmg specially if u reach 2000%explosive(does not rely on mobs)on the other hand frozen dmg inc as the mobs number gets higher provide good aoe burst makes ur life easier for clearing pack mobs(can outdmg explosive w/ tons of mobs) inc ur base weapon dmg greatly buff explosive and frozen dmg.

in my case i use 400% explosive even im using frozen affix just for faster aoe mob killing(so that frozen can proc). let the frozen aoe burst dmg proc do the finishing for the rest of the mobs alive

You’d lose dps from them as you can put skill points into torrent as a wiz but not as a warior

I find floor 181 easiest because it’s ALL slimes. Easy to kite very easy to kill :slight_smile:

If your using an iPhone it’s the power button and the home button :slight_smile:

I think you’re confusing torrent with twister. Torrent is from warrior’s horn. I could pump torrent as a warrior. If he’s set to spam WW, they’d be doing more damage to the packs than the wizard since they all seem to emanate from where he stands (ie back a ways, spamming pierce)

Galaxy S3. But I’ve recently returned home from two years overseas. I’ll pick up more current android phone this month (skyfall, 140+ pack size slow down can suck it)

Thanks for your response. Sorry I didn’t present my questions more concisely. The main reason I considered going fozen AND explosive was the difficulties I had with elites around 580-650. I figured mashing quick attack (chakram via scoundrel) with as much explosive as I could manage would make them just go away.

This whole build is at theory stage anyway, with lots of farming using my current setup to eventually make it happen. Your stat breakdowns gave me a lot to consider, so, once again, thanks. :slight_smile:

I feel your pain if my EXPLOISIONS trigger in a group of 15+ enemy’s my phone literally freezes (ie 0.1 frame every 15 seconds) and it takes 5-10 minuets for it to finish. Needless to say I avoid pack size maps lol.

Military? If so please let me thank you personally for keeping out country safe and protecting us :slight_smile:

just download screencapture app from playstore very usefull

Negative. Almost the opposite. Completely selfish blowing off two years to chill in the pSouth Pacific :slight_smile: l fully appreciate the sentiment, though :slight_smile:

I farm packsize almost exclusively. I already broke my promise and jaspered/tuned two sets of gear. 25 million later, warrior is now killing and rogue is providing the farming affixes/stats. Frozen/explosive rogue will still be the goal later on.
Hopefully, all the torrent procs on 130\140 pack size won’t punish me too much for lacking patience. :wink:

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It’s ok I wish you luck bud there are great people here who can help you more then noobish me lol. Btw how is it using hireling as I’m not able to buy anything.

I appreciate your help, bud. I played about a week without a hireling, and had a great time. That said, I couldn’t imagine going back. Especially after dividing the stats the way I have. I’d just feel immeasurably restricted in the builds or ideas I could realistically attempt.

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If your main guy can ouput damage and have the farming affixes maxed then do it without hireling for awhile.

The only benefit of having a hireling is if you can have farming affixes maxed with hireling hired as well as have that 300% item drop. Provided that your hireling does not decrease your farming speed.

To take a screenshot on S3, Hold Power+Home buttons simultaneously.

Thanks for the tips! What exactly are the max farming affix numbers with epiphany (5)? I’m currently looking to switch from crystalline dagger and eternal cap to crystal cap and eternal flintlock. Once I land the hat, I’ll be good to move around some affixes to try solo farming. Still iffy on the complete benefits, though. Doesn’t the presence of a hireling have a positive effect on pack size?