I'm 51 years old today!

I already have two great farming builds. One is exclusively for farming Eternal pets, the other is a great all around farmer with max luck/gold/items. Using a dps heavy SDS set for the pet farming above floor 500 M3, and an Eternalized/Nadroji/Crystalline build for crystal and items farming at floor 400 easy.

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In my newbie says I tried to make a deadly sins pvp build with golden @CPTcman Dickwads and Golems SEVEN DEADLY SINS pvp build for all characters

happy birthday dude

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At least I have PERSERVERANCE, yuk yuk.

And at last I lost…


Lol how much perseverance have you ? :open_mouth: I may try it out on my builds as I’ve never used it.

@Golem and @CPTcman I use Badwolf as an hireling in farming now with a change of pets and provided I activate a luck shrine these are my 2 v enemy farming stats

and here is badwolfs little pet swap . Those stats are on very easy difficulty and remain maxed on any difficulty.

Nice! Very nice pet.

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Thanks. This is Dickwads pet :sunglasses:

I’m nearly due to drop eternal pet number 11

https://www.amazon.co.uk/photos/share/PQGq7p5ttPIRb6IwDvVTjkUtHgTEttKtbcUIevcU4vy/gallery/V9M6d6B1NU-uKJ_uoMrBvA A nice gameplay video of old. Golem has already seen it.

@CPTcman when you drop an an eternal pet just level it up in farming mode. lots of players make the mistake that the level of an eternal pet is set in concrete and get rid of them. I was one :joy: Look after your pets.

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getting closer to Eternal Pet number 3…hoping for better results than numbers 1 & 2.

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@Golem promise me you will not convert a seemingly rubbish pet. They all become usefull.

well, I know which affixes I would like on my Eternal Pets for PVP & PVE Farming/Climbing. and the two I have right now only have maybe 3 really useful affixes between the two of them together. the rest of the affixes require a Build to be tightly Crafted around them that is way out of my play style or interests in Crafting them in the first place. not to mention they would both have to be for Warrior Builds, which isn’t my most favorite Class, let alone the fact it is the Class I know the least about.

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As you well know I’ve been unimpressed with eternal pet drops. And so I got rid of some. But I realise now that as my build ideas evolve then I made some serious errors. Put the pets in a sack and ignore them and maybe one day you will think … Nice.

here’s what they look like right now.

Eternal Aether (Slime) level 45. Elements (Set), +8 Fear, +10 Salvation, +25% Total MP, +15.1% Attack Speed, +75.9% Crit DMG.

Eternal Scout (Hound) level 47. Pathfinder (Set), +6208 MP, +10 Sharpened, +25.8% Total AR, +79.8% Gold Find, +10 Salvation.

sure, I could eventually think of Build for these…eventually, but I am looking for an Eternal Pet with affixes that are useful for more than one specific Build.

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The second pet has possibilities

I mean, I could make a Build for both of them, but that would go way outside my Crafting Comfort Zone.

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Step outside your comfort zone my friend. It is merely a game.

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noooooo!!! :scream:

well, incase I make a Warrior Hireling that could use one of these, I wont sell them any time soon, but it will be awhile before I do anything with either of them.

just now thought of using that Slime with a Haunting Build.

Haunting in pve is funny.