I'm newbie and i have a simple question

Firstly, I’m sorry for my bad english.

If i struggle with my hireling character, map exp %50 each character?

(If total map exp is 1000, one character finish this map gain 1000 exp or 2 character finish this map gain 500 + 500?)

thank you.

this forum great btw.


Hello and welcome to the forums!

I unfortunately am not knowledgeable enough to answer your question correctly, but I can do tell that experience gain is based on you and your hrelings exp gain% and your perspective Ascension levels.

Basically, not everything(exp gain) is flat 50/50 with your hireling because of other variables. But in paper it should be 50/50.


thank you, i understand.

2x fast and easy complete but -%50 exp main character. but you play solo, you gain %100 exp but more hard and slow.

plain logic.


here is a good Thread on the subject. one of the Dev’s actually did some testing to figure things out. it’s long, but worth it.

hope it helps.