Important thing about build that can kill anything even immortal

i use plagued bonus ever since bonus came up

in PvE it requires 2 plagued but in PvP it only requires 1 plagued so it still suits your build because you dont have to give up 1 slot for set affix

why? because bonus reward and bonus requirements are scaled down also in PvP

even permafrost or druidic bonus they only reuiqres 1 of permafrost or druidic to use their bonuses in PvP

scaling bonus rewards and bonus requirements was confirmed by @Clogon (i cant remember when tho)

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I tried using plagued bonus but I still can’t beat those lads :joy:. Is there any way that I can use the plague bonus with an escape/survivability mechanism? Cause I only use vial and stealth isn’t enough. Or maybe I should tweak my build a bit more. Lol

everything can scale down

Use ice type element and put elemcrit

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This can’t be real.

@edit: It is real. LOL

Yeah. Ice is pretty good. Imagine immortal with ice. I’m surprised they didn’t use ice but then again, that shock does deal more damage and frozen cannot be consistent. The slow effect of ice and damage Reduction is extremely good though and combined with Slow trophy effect ftw.

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Use what the Popular BM Build without Scroundrel and using Fury Mythic :joy:. Rogues can kill Immortal faster than Warrior or Wizard. If you use Wizard, you’re lucky because of Skullshield. If you’re Warrior use Scalp + Bloodbath.

You need fast spam of skills to kill them.

I will rank them on how tanky they are to me.

  1. Mandel - 18k HP (I need to deal 20k Scalp to one hit this one or 18th Round)
  2. JWS and Scooty - 13k and 11k HP (I need to deal 14k Scalp for one hit 14th Round)

My build that I use right now is 125k HP and 720 Power. Can Prevent 750k DMG in 1 Round so when I face the Trios where having Coffee Time till Round 6. They are tanky and I am Tanky what should I do. :joy:. Round 6 is where the true fight starts.

P.S I use BM Build but in my OWN IDEAS. Mr_Scooty teached me how to make Mathematical Equations in Arena. Tahaha. And 100% Success.

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just max your power 5k ED on every gear
3x PTL
1x Barb
2x 225 Crit damage
1x 45 crit chance + death nature + Vial
and 30% deadly strike with deadeye

lastly, if you notice, they dont take any bleed damage. So, dont use
ruptured and use Exposed instead. That’ll work well with chakram.


I see, I think this is where my lapses are, about the bleed dmg hehe

yeah, that’s alot of damage and you’ll notice the difference

What can kill you is whether or not that you can take your own hit. Reflect damage can and will kill you! :sunglasses:

I suggest getting at least a couple of +hp along with an hp multipier

See thats why you have to build your Character to take thier own damage. Thats why May Hemm likes about the pistols, she can Always take her own shot along with a few more. Then, she throws spells with DoT. Saves her ass everytime.

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Wild tends to take chances. She has the beefed up hp, but her shots are deadly even to herself.

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Are you using this build right now right? This can kill the immortals but your too vulnerable to other players. Killed your AI by just standing and wait for Torrent to win.


No, im not using this build now and this is never good on AI. This is meant to be full offensive then switch to a more balanced build after playing pvp. Im testing builds in the arena right now, not worried about my AI right now.

I think somebody here in the forum already anticipated this… Wait a moment, let me search for it:

Oh yeah, it was me :slight_smile:.



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Yeah true but in eternal league, the damage from reflect isn’t enough to really make a difference , even with so much reflect % damage and lots of general damage as people already have such large damage Reduction in arena anyways and lots of HP. If not, more damage Reduction than HP with Regen to the point where reflect is nothing.

I do remember one time when reflect could be potent with the explosive affix and other combos but CV is better off than reflect. Even back in 2.0 when arena was first around , reflect was hardly useful but there were a few odd build that power a challenge with the reflect .
Mana shield build though counts as reflect in some form but once their shield is down, they are vulnerable to death due to low HP or so.

CV acts like reflect and is actually deadly . Shieldwall has reflect but the reflect doesn’t do much damage generally .

The only time I found reflect deadly was when I had sanctuary facing the immortal build and the Shieldwall was enough to kill me which meant I had to time my attacks carefully without death, after enough draws. I know with my experience with facing @Mr_Scooty for the first time when he used the Shieldwall with immortal build.

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Yes I know it Sir.

I smell something fishyy…

WAR :joy::joy::joy: