Important thing about build that can kill anything even immortal

Nah, we’re past that.

Well first of all everyone has their own points of view, this is forum you can rant you can complain you can be sarcastics or being proud of what you have attain ingame/achievements…

Lets enumerate all new evenst and achievements in DQ in game and Players perspective:

#1 New Patch Came up that means new build and meta gaming will come bugs are certainly unnoticed by some new players.

#2 The Draw Masters Immortal cameup first prototype went viral under ign @Mandelbrot and @Mr_Scooty came in with @Midlumer under testing probes.

#3 The build got Viral… since no one knows how to kill the build …

#4 This build was escalated to be nerfed since few of us can kill it … and i my self Contested the so called nerfing Draw Build… my perspective is one i can test and maximize all build when encountering this so called Drawmasters build aka Immortal Build… and i was right keeping them in leaderboard will help us build a massive pvp killer… dude everyone analyzes your builds yes it will always be countered hence it serve as inspiration to those who wanted to kill the immortal builds…

#5 Nonlegit and Legit Destroys leaderboards as i say in every build it has its own counterpart and counterpart build came in in two ways legit counterpart and nonlegit or so called idiot people scrubs…

#6 Reporting wrong igns or Suspected them as perfect rolls pets etc etc… perfect throphies or edited item it was de escalted but the damage has done if you remember sir @Midlumer that time was the start of all it triggers both parties to defend each other… this was the start of all this blabering in forum about your build being thrashed in pvp leaderboards since this ign that ill be mentioning well i know them and we are all close since we are all in same party
Starting with @Erase the one who was reported having a perfect element pet … this guy went up with ease with his toss build but this man never boast anything here in forum @Galahad same with this guy but havent you heard them boast how you have been erased in top position… @Mr_Scooty @CuzegSpiked @Mandelbrot and @Midlumer man this guy even challange all this build you have with respect and Morality…

Now this event and achievements we have this past month what can you say about it?? In my conclusion as a player is this
#1 its ok to be challenged by someone and dont take it as if you are being bullied i understand the hype of people counterkilling Top Igns in leaderboards boasting yes is as sign of being proud but it has limitations

#2 Not all players understand mathematical equation of this game probably you guy know it but i myself learned pvp because i have a lot of friends who colaborates build who rates builds friends who event put negative points on prototype builds… so basically other players learned PVP formula not by math but other thru rigid of trial and errors sacrificing pvp stats of lose and wins…

#3 End all your EGO’S

if i offended someone in this post feel free to banned this account thats all Happy gaming guys…

P.S I have minimized the seconds of killing The Draw masters build in 5 seconds including the run time :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::joy::smiley::smiley: but them im not boasting it im poud of it its up to you how you can handle it ciao

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Actually immortal build started at patch 2.0 and was created by cronos but it wasn’t too viral then. It got truly viral when Mandelbrot and Mr Scooty and Midlumer made it and it was also around in patch 2.1 as well. I’m just saying that Midlumer , Mandelbrot and Mr Scooty aren’t the first ever.

Just a heads up since I heard about the immortal build way back when arena was just beginning season 2 but it wasnt called immortal, rather it was called frustrating/frustration build. Ever since then, I had the idea of trying to attempt the immortal but I never knew how. Had I did, it probably would have been around earlier.

I only know thanks to actually attempting to know and help too to get some good idea of how everything works.

Tbh, now that I experienced PvP better in 2.5 and 3.0 as well as having knowledge of almost everything there is, I finally have an idea of how to create immortal build and it doesn’t just have to be the one you typically see.

It can literally be any form, from 40k-100k HP but very hard to defeat or the ones you see today.

Might I say, the first immortal build ever was actually a warrior named frustrating from cronos and he brought the concept to a few people when he talked about it. It wasn’t as viral as today but it still planted the ideas into the minds of me and others.

I don’t know if they were inspired by cronos but they certainly did see an encounter and probably came up with the idea with or without knowing cronos frustrating build. It definitely takes great analysis and knowledge as well as great ideas and motivation to make an amazing immortal build.

It’s both amazing and frustrating and that’s the cool thing. Had it not been well known, we’d have probably kept immortal build at patch 4.0 or so lol!

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Im not just smells WAR…

It is totally WAR . :volcano::volcano::volcano::volcano::volcano::volcano::volcano::volcano::volcano:

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World Peace

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This is a fight between DU30 vs Trump.

:dragon_face: vs :dragon_face:

vs De Lima :joy:

The start was I being attacked in a very rude way for reporting @Erase. I explained in a long post of mine why I did that, and why it wasn’t fair attacking me for it. As a matter of fact I do believe now that @Erase is legit, I do trust @tdaniel’s judgement 100%. I even appologized to @Erase in a PM.

So I didn’t start this, but I acknowledge having reacted poorly at some points. I do apologize for that.

I actually cherish being challenged by others. But in this whole discussion I was first and foremost “bullied”, and it has only declined after @tdaniel intervened. It hasn’t stopped, there are still some pinpricks every now and then.

I actually don’t get this. Because as of right now I am one of the most active testers. I’ve spent a significant amount of time for my guides, and am one of the very few people right now who actively report bugs. I spend hours testing and writing bug reports.
I also spend hours discussing balance issues.

I am not always right, I do mistakes. But I am the only one actually admitting them and asking for forgiveness as well.

And I’m right a hell lot more often than wrong.

If you know what you are doing, you can of course create an anti-build against Immortals. I’ve even told everyone in which direction they need to go if they want that. Nevertheless you need to invest a lot of crystals for it. And that is okay if you have a lot of them - but rather not so if you are not a serious farmer and you don’t have a lot of them - which to be honest is by far the majority of the players.
But spending 4 crystal slots and all Natures on Critical and Deadly Strikes and even more slots on damage also makes such a char poorly balanced, a butterfly in the eyes of a normal tank - up to the point where it can’t be left offline in the arena because it would loose MMR too fast - So you need two top-notch chars instead of one.
Something which a lot of players can’t achieve, that is why I advised against it. Because I don’t want them to run into a trap, loosing all their stash and achieving nothing.

So to all still holding a grudge against me, if you come to me and talk normally we can work things out. I very much would like them to.

And to the ones who can’t help themselves attacking me because they hate my guts, feel superior or think I’m an idiot:

Know that you are attacking someone who has nothing but love for this great game, invests a lot of time and effort trying to do his part so it can be even better in the future - for all players, even for you.

Do you really want to do that?

Let us end this here.


Respect! :+1:


I was just thinking that, LOL.


It has nothing to do with that. My point was I am completely using a totally different build than the build in discussion, which is the build that kills yours.

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Everyone is using different builds and i might say people in leaderboards are alot more progressive nowadays … but anyways probably after next patch let see what could be a game changer ?? Are you still immortal or are you a burst damager let see and wait :raised_hand:t3::raised_hand:t3::raised_hand:t3::muscle:t2::muscle:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

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I feel you bro. If you know so much, people will try to bring you down. Anybody who is good at the game, there’s always somebody who wants to bring you down for being right.
I know that feeling all too well and I also remember this happening with Cronos and other well known players of their time.

It may not have happened much to me but it may eventually happen.


Funny is trying to put well know players down triggered them to even use 3rd party hacked … what a shame

Since we don’t have the ability to create a 100% “hack free” game without requiring 100% online connection via server, players are going to be able to make the choice to use tools that enable to them to cheat.

Our alternative is to make our game require a server connection 100% of the time and not allow any portion of our game to be played off line, storing all of the player data on our servers and managing each and ever player connection.

The amount of re-engineering and work this would require is wack-a-doodle. It would be extremely expensive for our company, which we cannot afford, and I would hazard a guess that most of our players who enjoy the offline nature of our game now would choose not to play this game if all the sudden it required a 100% online connection. Many games require this type of connection since they are constructed to take advantage of an online environment and rightfully so. Dungeon Quest was never constructed in that way so trying to force that model onto the game would be destructive in my opinion.

We do the best we can to manage the instances of cheating/hacked save games. If a player decides that they want to use a hack tool with the game that is their decisions. No one is “triggering” them to do anything, that is a choice they make on their own behalf.



@marwinberna xD this dude is addicted to fighting hahahahah but guys srsly just play for fun :joy: there will never be a game without cheat learned that the hard way… I just learned to accept it and made myself better so I could crush those cheating bastards xD hahahah. As for the immortal build there are so many ways to defeat it omg I learned a lot from watching the pros in here. My idea is using procs crit damage at a decent amount of hp.

So guys if you may be offended because of what someone said, think twice and look at their perspective don’t just rat about it and be rude to that person maybe he just means well. :slight_smile:

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So really the Arena is just a place where the developers can playtest new build designs in order to make sure the game is balanced. Hmmmm, very interesting… :sunglasses:

You would lose me as a customer if you made it 100% online. I guess I better make a back up copy just in case you decide to go that way. Thanks for the headsup

I don’t think you read my comment at all. We have no intention to make this game 100% online required what so ever (out side of the current needs of a save game for battle arena matches).

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