Important thing about build that can kill anything even immortal


For us noobs out here, what’s a CV. And according to what I read Reflect works in a couple different ways. Either when you get hit, or when you dodge a hit.

Also having relentless at 100% isn’t an automatic kill.

“Ohhh, crackers” says May; “That means I have to use another bullet just to finish the critters off with.”



Maybe I simply misunderstood your jargon. Because you did says 100% server, that sure sounds online to me! But then again, maybe I misunderstood your reference.


It’s just habit to say CV as a shortened word for Cerebral Vortex and the amount of times that word is used for conversation is alot.
Of course if I were to introduce the topic about Cerebral Vortex, I wouldn’t say CV unless the topic was directed to people who know their game stuff.


CV = Curriculum Vitae, means you’re looking for jobs.


U clearly are :joy:


Yeah lol. I have that.


Was I talking to you? I don’t believe I was. Unless you be coming back at me sideways from a multiple account.

Were you aware that there is reading for comprehension, AND writing for comprehension.

100% server pretty clearly means 0% local. I think I will archive the game just to be on the safe side.


I feel you are misrepresenting/misunderstanding my post. My above quote clearly states “since we don’t have the ability to create a 100% hack free game…”

This means even if we wanted, to we don’t have the technical capability to add a server based solution.

To be clear, we have no way of making Dungeon Quest server based.

Given what I posted initially I don’t see how that could be misunderstood, and this post clearly shows our stance on this issue and I hope future readers take the correct message from this thread regarding this topic.


Offline quest 4ever yay!