In need of help for disordance set

please help me to create good set affixes of disordance
comment down :smiley: thank you in advance

1 of the great build that uses discordance is this

its for PVP, hope you can grab some ideas there,

try blinktrike on discordance you can spam unli blinkstrike kn all enemies(like yunero omnislash in dota lel)

then u can make it better ba adding procs
like earthshatter proc or smokebomb proc

thanks Kceellvirus. got a hint for pvp
but im struggling at my map xD im at floor 600+ mh3 . and its the end of my journey
i could not accomplish when map affix have enemy immune or enemy resist >.<

any build for map? easy killing for mobs.
thanks advance

thanks for advice roy. can u show me some pics to show what are the affix and items to use .

i cant show u pics since i already remove all my discordance set but i can give u some advice.

set affixes :
adventurer-dmg boost and massive ms boost works well w/ momentum
momentom - inc dmg base on ms
defiant- inc dmg 25%
pathfinder - dmg boost base on dodge%
terrashaper - earthshatter proc%
rage - for max critdmg if u lack some
frozen - if u go ice build (one of the stronget set affix today good aoe burst dmg)
plague - if u go poison
inferno - if u go fire/bleed build
shock - (good dmg buf but seems underdog element today)
arcinist + ascendant- if u go arcane weaken build realy good dmg output w/ all elements (dont use ignore resist on this build pump ur weaken%)

as for crystal affix - cd 45%- for lvl 30-35 stealth this will be ur main survival skil in this lvl and cd reduc +10% cd reduce from lvl 20 agility = permastealth. u can survive anyfloor even having 1 hp since u dodge all the time
crushing blow - great dmg against higher floor specially 1k+ floor makes ur life easier
critchance 45%
cridmg 225%
dodge 30% - w/ lvl 20 agility and 299 power stat u will have 35% dodge + 30% dodge = 65% but dodge cap is 60% so ul stay at 60% (75% cap if u use ephipany afix) good dmg boost w/ pathfider affix
deadly strike - cdmg multiplier

legend affixes - glasscanno2x, pushlimit 1x (optional) , 100%ed 2-6x , 100% wd on OH if u go smokebomb proc build put on mh if u focus on earthshatter, blinkstrike dmg (though blinkstrike will have low dmg on discordance cuz dmg% of quickattack and blinkstrike are switch)i prefer u focus on smokebomb proc dmg.
15%ms 2-3x - great dmg boost from momentum affix

mythics: discordance, cosmicorb or earthquake (optional ) , nova or enigma (optional), emperian or sanctuary, brutal(if u got high % deadly) or ruptured (if u go bleed build or use razored talent).

nature : of all element
talents : depends on what u build i think u know already how to fx it.
epic affixes : 5000wd (put in oh if u focus on smokebomb put on mh if u focus on earthshatter and blink dmg)
5000ed , mp on hit afix

maybe if you were aiming for floors, use other resource than discordance, there fury energy etch. . .

then try to build poison or ice
for pison its plagued + druidic
for ice its frozen + permafrost (optional)
something like those i mention those are the easiest build to make that can kill tons of enemies

when i was on lower floors b4 around 800-1200k using discordance is working pretty well it just all depends on how u set it up.

keep in mind also the suggestion of kcellvirus other resourse mythic are also good and viable.

thanks alot. its nice if you give me those build please :smiley:

its hard :(((((((((((((
ill try to post my character later.
im at floor 600+ and im dying :(((