Infinity Warrior

patch 3.0 ~ 3.0.3
first no.1 warrior
floor - 14k
DMG - (epic,legend,mythic enemies) infinity.B

video :loud_sound:

bgm - Warriors
korea site naver DQ cafe staff - JC


I cant load the video :confused:
Never mind, my youtube app wouldnt play it, browser seems to work though


Now that just looks FUN. Microscopic cooldowns

Not working. Can’t load the video.

video load

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your hp is decaying sometimes are u using masochism ? also i see that you use nova mythic too can you share your build specifics for us? perhaps this is one of the few immortal pve builds everyone is looking for… korean tips always welcome

I’m sorry.I do not speak English well.

  • frozen + frostbiting (frozen dmg dealt up)
  • aoe+2 = 12yd

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  • talent cri dmg up
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skill stun + frozen + taunt(bomb proc MH fire )

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skill stun

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masochism? no.
magic,epic,legend,mythic enenies option thorns
talents head CLE 30 = heal +450 on block

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14k floor is insane. +2 aoe on every set is nice. First time ive seen build that has +2 aoe aside from my build here in the forum. Any build that has crushing flames + frozen will reach infinite floors. Nice job :wink:. Can i ask what is naver? I always see naver in every korean player or team and specially the term “gosu”.

you have done a great favour to us i would name you “Faker” of the dungeon quest thank you very much :slight_smile:

how about its natures???

frozen + flames +2 aoe build
The first time I came to 3.0 patch
“GOSU” = “고수” = Semi-specialist, specialist

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strength +10 all

Fascinating Warrior, A round of applause for him :joy::slightly_smiling_face:

Do talents go over to your stat cap?