Insolence is only missing in my set huhuhuh

pinoy dungeon quest players, t


Wow! At least I didn’t do that but I did sell a ragnarok wizard sword when I thought it wasnt good and then I felt annoyed afterwards after learning abt rare legends. Luckily, I got 2 new rare legends, ragnarok sword and hammer. Noe my only goal is ragnarok chakram for a full raganrok collection.

Yeah man! I got my first insolence today! I nearly dropped my phone!

Congrats! I’m so jealous! Where did it drop for you?

thx bro, I got that from regular map floor200 m3. Not the boss, just the map

I havent got insolance hatchet yet but i do have like 4 insolance traps, 2 insolance skulls.

Man, I wish I can have just one more insolence… so I can make another good build for my rogue…

Steal my insolance traps or whatever.

Lol, I wish we can have a trade system in the later patches

why does everyone wants insolence i have one hatchet for my warrior but it is not that good at least i dont find a good use for it :frowning: . am i that unlucky that the insolence i got sucks?

Insolence is one of few items with ED%+. Very crucial to damage output.

oh so with a continous poison (blight and toxic and stuff) this can cause 20% more damage? that sounds good but i use blight(legendary totem) in its place because when i put insolence i died easily and i was doing less damage

It depends on your build. ED% is crucial to most elemental builds, though. i.e. Green Garden by @cronos4321. You don’t have to use it. Preference.

hmm ok thanks for the feedback

Sure thing. I’m always here. Here’s a calculation on ED.

hey sir landz its me tomz at pinoy DQ… your always active here …

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hi, mga kapatid!

just wanted to join you guys… btw, ang hirap maging rogue ngaun, every build is weaker than the average… i guess a hopping rogue (omnislasher hop hop hop) or a bleed/reflect is a possible thing for pvp…

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Pasali sa group ? Haha

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