Is it possible to have 300k HP and 1k Power in PVP?


Is it really possible?


With perfect eternal pet xD


Yes is possible, is very simple, depend on your knowledge about the game…


Yes. However it’s not power that matters but your actual damage output and how much you hit per second and if you miss much. Survival also.

My build is only 600 power or so but beats a majority of builds even with damage reduction. Without it , it would crit and have high deadly strikes but I removed that option since it isn’t worth it in arena when it’s filled with 50-90% damage reduction or 99% as well as super high Regen for immortals or so. Also it would easily sacrifice survival.

However with hp, damage reduction and some damage, you can do decent damage while ranking and surviving.


Not so simple now that you say that xD


For you, is not simples i see…


Hahahah experience is not something u look at and just grasp all in 1 sec. I actually spent hours reading, understanding and knowing the game. But if you say that its easy u must have a photographic memory and have to be really smart too wow u amaze me :grinning:


1k power neglects more damage. Believe me i tried. i even Went 2k with about 70k hp but not worth it.

As cuzeg spiked said its not all about power in arena.


Befor the update of 3.0, it waz very dificult the do so, know whid hunting bonus, epyphany bonus, 2 set’s for clearcast, oby of 45% atack speed, more natures of 6 itens, 5k element DMG, the rest is hp, az you Like, fauna gift (225%) oby, more battle mage, and all that, i not say more…


If you want i explain some tings to your if you want…


Heheh thanks! But ive known quite a few now and have played a while so i know how things work already. But i would be glad to have someone to ask questions to if i dont understand something :grinning:


@ZOMBOY i seriously doubt that epiphany and haunting bonus would be great in the arena ( in reaching the top leagues ) but maybe itll just be enough to get you in eternal league with the right affixes. Otherwise i think they are useless as they take up too much space where you can put more useful affixes than those.

I agree with you in fauns gifts and luck affixes tho.




What does power do in arena?

So having a high hitting frequency can give an advantage in arena? How about those who have a high hp and high hp regen will I be able to beat them with a high hit per second?


most of the player i encounter in eternal div 1 is high power and hp 100k hp and 1.2k power rouge


Yes. That’s what I basically do against even Regen opponents. However for immortal build , I have to wait many rounds before the hit frequency can kill them. 8 rounds at most for me. Sometimes 12.

Also unless I revamp my build for pure damage with the risk of low survival and higher chance of defeating them per round. I remember someone used high hit frequency with procs , Crits and Deadly strikes to an insane level to beat immortal build in just 1 found but they were vulnerable to many other builds.

Already orb can hit 10 times a second. Cosmic orb can hit 10 hits with a chance of extra 10 from the cosmic orb strands so total 30 hits. Storm hits 4 times a second or so. Have many procs and you have a better chance, especially with higher DMG.

I mainly win because of that high hitting frequency despite them having really high damage reduction and sometimes against Regen opponents in one round. In fact my build was heavily nerfed because that hit frequency was OP and the damage. Also it forced the arena meta to become even tankier than it was before.

High hitting skill with high damage along with attack speed and low cooldown . Also good proc chance. Also a chance to survive recently with these things as a second option if you don’t like waiting for draws.

Cerebral Vortex already has a hit frequency of 12 hits a second if 3 torrents hit and CV was the name of the arena meta for quite a long time because of such hits and hard to escape. Combined with other things like cosmic orb, my orb ,skulldraga (3 hits a second or so) , storm and win.

In fact even when arena was first introduced, it was the high damage and hit frequency that won and sometimes builds with high tanking or a mix of both.


What i say it waz that is possible to have 300hp 1k power, i cont say that a fantastic build, if you ignore reneg, Dodge, block, talent’s, (except power incrisse talent’s) is possible, what hapend’s is that the build gonna by very easy to kill, no reneg, no ar, no speed, can iven have problems whid mana, but, what i say is that’sposseble to have 300hp 1k power…


Most probably hehe


YES. But unfortunately my build only have 700k HP with 450 Power. And I dont want to use it on online PvP because it SUCKs. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Yeah, I’ve seen peeps claim to run straight power. But its not a balanced character, and probably costs tons of gold for respawn. If you got that much real money. I guess why not go for it. But thats too much like cheating to me, and NOT RPG!