Is it possible to have 300k HP and 1k Power in PVP?


RPG to me is much more than just a game. Like in life its not about win or lose but how you play the game.




It sucks because my 700k HP Build using its own HP to DMG enemies. Low HP = Dead. :joy:


Yes its posible


Lol. But 700k hp…that’s impressive. I tried making 500k hp with 600 power way back 2.4 patch and it sucks. It lacks resources to cast a skill :joy:. After casting 6 spells…it is either my char survives or the enemy wins.


kaizoku has 248k hp and 1.2k power if im not mistaken


I saw a warrior with 400k HP and 900 Power. I think it’s name is Asura_Shuryuken.


It’s easy to get that HP and Power using a Wizard. My Wizard have 350k HP with 1700 Power.

Calculating Battle Arena "Power"

Wow. That is nice :grinning:

May I know how can I up my power and HP? Right now I only have 16k HP and 700 Power in arena.


wow… how nice to know that … sure ka jan?


1700 after 10 draws? lol


pwede pa see hehehe?


Add power


Sorry for long lost reply. No. You can surely make it on your own.


My Rogue is like that btw :joy: 100k HP & 1.2k Power


:heart_eyes: whats the name of your char bro?






You’re daydreaming, bro
I’ll check on arena your build to see if you’re right or just talking off


I’ve done it once. The one that I’m using in Arena right now is my 500k HP 340 Power Warrior.

By the time I got 350k HP with 1700 Power, Im using 3 Eternals. CV Necklace, Aethereal Drain MH, Satyr’s Spirit Eternal Pet w/ 15000 MP. MP Based Set using BloodMagic.
But now I don’t have it anymore because when I change my phone I forgot to save my data and lost my Eternal Pet.

If you wanna look my present character, go I’m just using Warrior right now with 500k+ HP and 340 Power. I maximized the HP to 700k last time but seriously sucks. :joy: