Is it possible to have 300k HP and 1k Power in PVP?


All Legends No Eternals


While I’ve found that HP is reachable via bloodmagic and using MP affixes, I’m not sure about that power value, even if you’re were using 72% PLT + 36% Glasscannon (it is capped at 40%, js), since that HP will cost almost all your set and crystal slots.

500k HP is really pretty easily via HP affixes and I can’t argue about it, but I guess you have less power than you could have.


I guess I’m a bit exagerrated about the “300k HP” with 1700 Power. BUT I really did it before. :cry: 210k HP with 1700 Power via Wizard

7x ED+ plus 3 for Eternal (MH, Neck, Pet)
PtL x 3 plus 1 for Eternal (Neck)
GC x 2 plus 1 for Eternal (MH)

BloodMagic Mythic with All Mana Based Set Affixes… (SpellSword, CV, AD, CP, Satyr’s, or Scroundrel)

Pet (Satyr’s) with +15000 MP, 50% TMP

I use it once but never again because of its weakness when facing aggresive players. :joy:

Calculating Battle Arena "Power"

Not exagerrated, I found it is possible. Also, I found “power” formula and can finally say you’re right, it is possible reaching 1700 power with set you described.


i have a warrior 300k+ HP and 1.2K power in PVP…


i try to build that in Wizard and that set affixes but my HP is going down only the power reaching 1700k+ @marwinberna what other affixes so that the HP come up in to 300k+ with this items and set affixes that you said?


you remember the name? i used the same concept of high hit freq and lots of procs. maybe you fought with me.


Not sure. I may remember but I forgot now.


I’m using 3 Eternals that time. I’m going to revive that build soon I’m just recently reviving the 3.0 Summoner Build.


but the HP of this build is 300K or not?


I made a build like this before with 200k HP and 1600 - 1700 Power.

In my unlimited “IT” can be to make a build like this 300k HP with 1700 Power.

I know I’m a bit exaggerated about “IT CAN BE” but who knows. :joy: I will try to reach soon after I made the build I’m doing right now.

EDIT: (unlimited imagination)