Is there a better way of capping my HP regen?

is there a better way of capping my HP regen?
currently im using

  • permafrost bonus (for 5k mp regen)
  • permafrost x2
  • cosmic power (for 125% mp regen)
  • druidic (for 125% mp regen)

converted into HP regen by blood magic (not sure if the 125% hp regen also affected it after it got converted into HP)

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you might have to do some testing for yourself to find out what is what, but from what I understand, anything that increases the MP & MP Regen and is then converted to HP & HP Regen with Blood Magic is still considered separate, to a certain degree, from HP & HP Regen, for the purposes of not doubling up on bonuses.

so the 5k MP Regen is increased +125% by Cosmic Power, and then increased again by Druidic for another +125%, and then switched my Blood Magic to HP Regen to be added to any HP Regen you already have.

Druidic also increases HP Regen by +125%, but only the HP Regen that is available before the MP Regen is added to it.

this is how I see it working just by how it is written in the descriptions, but it is possible that your testing, or a Mod or Dev, might have better information than my little theory.


it is currently capped with 25k HP regen (epiphany) but i just wanted to know if there are any other ways to do it, as the current way of doing such is taking a lot of set affixes and im stuck with the helm due to the bonus

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haha, oops…well, Crystal MP Regen is 1500 each, 3 is 4500 & 4 is 6000. so from what I can see, you are doing it the way it takes the fewest spaces already.

is this a EVP or PVP Build?

not focused on anything, just a build idea im currently using after looking at the list of (outdated) wiki affixes

just wanted to know how if other people had optimized this better that i did

I think you have about the best optimization possible.

the thing is, with so much Regeneration, you will rarely get the extra damage from Blood Magic when your HP goes down, as your Health will be at 100% most of the time. there is a balancing act between having low HP for the damage from BM and not dying. lowering HP is one of the reasons Resource Costs are doubled when using BM.

Masochism keeps HP at a 50% average, but you need enough HP in the remaining 50%ish to cast spells. I had a Masochism, Defiant, & Blood Magic Build for awhile, but it was at a time I was still doing a lot of learning, and so my M, D, & BM Build wasn’t very optimized. :crying_cat_face:

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the build is a fail, not only its taking up 2 very valuable set affixes (permafrost) but with blood magic the resource cost is taking a portion of the regen away

i tried again with druidic but is lacking in % multipliers, the ALL Healing red affix is too exclusive (im not sure how many items have this, again in need of affix filter).

i also saw Regeneration affix was suppose to be a % but is now flat value, what was the decision in that change?

why was regen nerf again? its not even that OP, without high mitigation it cant last long

leach is fine if the build is ranged , but on melee, melee still needs to get up close to do hits making leach not as good thus regen should be the preferred choice of recovery


Here’s a compendium of all things DQ more recently outdated than the wiki.



I have been playing for almost 4 years, and Regeneration has always been a flat value. don’t know about earlier than that.

one way to make Blood Magic easier to use is use a Resource Reduction affix. there is a Nature that does that, the Legend affix, with the Cap being at 60%. there is an Epic Affix that reduces the MP cost of Skills for the weapon it is on by 40%, and I think it can be used with Blood Magic, it’s been awhile since I used BM. and it isn’t part of the 60% cap.

you could look at other Resource Mythics and see if they work better with your Build than BM.


Regeneration Adds (rank)% Total HP Regen and MP Regen 5 25 No Yes

still will be a fail, as ive already stated at the first post that its already taking too much affix, getting resource reduction and MP cost will make it even more a fail already lacking even more DPS

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you can try the synergy mythic with command as OH special I faced lots of opponents in pvp with incredible regen bcs it allows you to gain the 10% hp heal and movement speed of the command skill usually it is only applied to the minnions so if you combine regeneration and the synergy mythic on head gear I guess you can obtain more regeneration bcs as you spend hp with bloodmagic your synergy mythic will heal your hp by 10% imagine you have 600k hp then you’ll have 60k restored hp by synergy, just my idea that’s all and happy gaming.


it actually works so if your gonna go for synergy mythic you’ll gonna make an Hp build with reduce cd so you can keep activating your command skill, it is hp based cuase it heals 10% of your total hp not current I don’t have enough resources to build it so I’m looking forward for your final output, that’s all and happy gaming

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I have an idea why not try defiant, cosmic power, spellsword, plague, battlemage, faunts gift/ cerebral vortex and satyr’s spirit
cyan affix either
Gold find or Luck %
Hp and Mp %
armour flat
all resist flat
reduce CD%
legend affix of…
balance %
perseverance 40
Epic affixes…
Hp and mp flat
element damage flat
mythstone equipped
+50% AR on every gear except weapons
+25% mp or hp optional
and the rest is up to you.
mythic gears…
earthquake mainhand
enigma offhand
raptured vest
synergy head
bloodmagic ring
sanctuary amulet optional


i am currently on break from the game, (but i do hope the devs actually add more game content though)

i woundnt mind seeing your ideas come to fruition, why not actually try out your ideas in practice?