Is there any Weapon Stronger than mine?

Is there any weapon stronger than mine (1.05m dps Chakram)? If (YES) can you drop it ill try to find too. ROGUE only :partying_face:



I don’t know how the DPS is calculated, but these chakrams aren’t as powerful as you would think.


Yeah, im seeing others getting their crits up to 100b and mine i think the highest i got is only 60b. That’s why im needing a weapon even stronger or a build tho

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it’s not just the weapon, it’s also the Skill, Natures, Talents, Hero Points in the Skill used, affixes, Sets, Myth Stones, Mythic affixes…

I know that many of the new posters on DQ are looking for a billion damage, 100 billion, even a trillion+ damage build. it has recently gotten me to wondering if I can get a Comet or Barrage to have a billion+ hit without Crushing Blow. I think most billion damage done is with Special Skills, usually MH Special Skills, but I think I’ve seen some OH Special Skills get a billion+.

the thing to realize is that if you know everything on your build that buffs damage, you can plan out on paper that billion damage. just make sure that it’s possible with the Items in the LegendEx, and that you can Jasper Items from one Class to another if you nee another Classes Items.

on a last note, one thing many players forget for damage is the +/- 25% random damage. so after you figure out all of your damage (which would be the average damage done), multiply by 0.75 for the low damage and 1.25 for high damage.

the DPS formula is in the Codex, and I did a post on it :arrow_down:

hope this helps.

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Yeah i usually get hald million damage but only get billion damage sometimes

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take a look at the Codex and look in Affixes, Sets, Talents, Natures, and Skills. look for things that increase damage. then think of the 42 spaces on a Build (with a Pet) and fit everything in. just make sure you don’t put things on the Pet that don’t go there, and then check the LegendEx to see if you have to move affixes around to make it all work.

then use that BWD & DPS post to do the math and figure out if the affixes can get you up to a million, billion, trillion or higher.

for any build, think of how much damage it could do if it had these on it…

  1. +200% WD or +100% WD for weapons that don’t have +200% on the Weapon you will do most of your damage with.
  2. +5000 WD.
  3. +50% WD from Endow Mythstone.
  4. +500% ED or +600% is your main weapon doesn’t have +200% WD.
  5. +5000 ED x 7 and one +20% ED (on Pet).
  6. 6 Element Natures.
  7. +30% Elemental Critical, minimum.
  8. +600% Frostbiting (lets go with Ice, as it’s easy to do the math).
  9. +50% Critical Hit Chance or better.
  10. +350% Critical Damage.
  11. +60% Deadly Strike (don’t worry about Brutal Mythic yet).
  12. have your Power Stat at 100 minimum or 103 if you’re not worried about Mana or Health.
  13. Have 40 Hero Points in the Skill you plan on getting that billion+ damage with.
  14. Add anything else that will get your damage even higher, don’t forget, you now have way less than 42 spaces left…
  15. Good Luck.

I’m going to try something similar to this for a few skills to see how it looks up to step 12, and it the numbers look promising, then I’ll check out the higher steps.

I can get Scalp to do about 20B while maintaining near max Luck and Item Find. Not willing to sacrifice much of my farming stats.


lol… is the damage mostly from Bleed? I don’t know about others, but a billion+ when it’s not from CB or CF from any kind of build is pretty cool to me.

my Farm Builds just have to be enough for floor 500, but I’ve been thinking of doing an upgrade for floor 1k so I can get the new Items up there for the LegendEx collection.

I only really need the really good damage builds for Floor Climbing. and I like to experiment with other ideas besides just using Crushing Flames for the win. and I said this in a few other posts, but I haven’t really done a billion damage build for awhile, mostly because I also want it to be a fun one that I like.

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It’s been a while since I gave it a try, but I l know It’s not from Bleed. I think it was the right combination of sets and affixes (obviously :rofl:).
I will try to duplicate and send a screenshot of the damage attained and build. I now feel the need to prove myself worthy of backing my ridiculous claim!

I did a theory craft for a billion+ damage Comet using Discordance last night and actually got it up to around 13 trillionish… I’m going to write my steps down and try it without Discordance, and then check it against the LegendEx to see if the Items are there, and then I’ll post it… I’m actually thinking of using Warrior Swords Flurry since it has the lowest BWD of all the weapons. if I can get a billion+ damage with Flurry, then any Skill can do it

it occurred to me that the different Classes would have to do things a little differently based on Skills, Talents, and affixes available, because I used Wizards Amplify Talent to help get the damage up that high, and Warrior & Rogue don’t have that Talent :crying_cat_face: .

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