Is your kraken warrior released yet?


I kind of remember that, turned the Kraken to stone since his weapons couldn’t kill it. 100% weapon resistance, 0% magic resistance (or maybe just 0% petrification resistance).


Medusa was so grim to look at that anyone who gimpsed at her was petrified. A bit chauvinistic as the kraken was hardly male model of the year




Please be respectful in your comments as others have been respectful to you.


@blackdeath check the arena boards . Case closed


Let’s keep this thread civil, or we can encase it in carbonite only to be thawed out in Jabas palace (ie closed)



UUrey capitan!!


2 paging epic caliber built


You got some powerful barrage build there​:joy::joy:


Nah!!! I just wish that there will be a real time PvP. I admit it, it’s really hard to win a battle if you’re not the controlling your toons​:hugs::hugs::hugs:


@blackdeath please keep that kind of attitude to yourself, man. Not only @Mr_Scooty deserves some respect but the community too.


You need improve you built like copy@paste vary good ai moving before shouting you strong sure you strong character too . good you in eternal using you epic caliber builting


Sure I’ll try to improve my ai. I didn’t say I was strong.
You may also improve your communication skills. It’s giving me a headache​:astonished::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:


1 page


1 page round 2


1 page last round


Barrage build without sanctuary?


Yep no sanctuary, now who’s build is an epic fail?:joy::joy::joy: