Is your kraken warrior released yet?





Hey!!! Don’t flood this thread with your battles. Just mind your own business. Use your time and be productive and improve on your communication skills. So that there will lesser headaches for everybody.:dizzy_face::gun:


@Juander Where’s the screen shot of you beating @Mr_Scooty? Can you beat him in a round w/out draws?


Just inprove you godkiler built :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Rip English😪


Powerpull character than your character a god builder



You top with epic builter :sleeping:


having longer range barrage skill i can be top vary hard to kill switch item everytime need switch gamemover longer fire .scooty varygood moving and copypasty good


Hmmm ,it looks like the arena is fired up now.:joy:
Copy@paste here


I’m a fan😁. Nice battlemage build


Thanks, but you beat my ai very well​:cry::cry::cry:

And it looks like that my ai is fighting very hard for staying on top 5.


Thanks to your ai I had to tweak some of my gears. That made my build better.


Why did zomatsu just got 2-0???that does mean 3-1, or 2-3?:grin::joy::joy:


Love to see those clashes.,.,:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:.,just a regret not to witness it anymore im afraid​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Exactly who is having an argument? It appears you are trying to cause drama where none exists.

It’s fine you blame me for all of your issues but I’m highly confident you are 1000% wrong.


And kindly add to please observe why the stats of mr. Scooty in legends founds are not moving?it was the same stats i believe ever since i got dig in lf hike.,just a plain question sirs and much be glad to have a answer for my confusion.the only thing come into my mind is that he may not have updated his lf yet.,but there was a time that leaderboards have been reset.,and i guess being back there should mean that he has already update his stats.actually he is one of my inspiration to catch upto in lf leaderboards anyway😎


Your “opinion” is that I was emotional. Again, you continue to make broad statements that are not based in fact or reality. This post, and several after it, are exactly the behavior I was attempting to avoid. In simple terms you are creating drama where none exists.

It is not appreciated, it is not warranted, and it will most certainly not be tolerated. I have been polite, I have been accommodating, and I have been respectful.

You brush it off as a “prank” but that was only to cover up your poor behavior. Please take the next few days and consider if you can conduct yourself in a manner that is respectful to ALL people that use this forum.